Any bad actor/actress you think?

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  1. Aznmask

    Aznmask Well-Known Member

    I think Selena Li's maid (i dont know her name)

    But her acting is very bad. She act like she in a modern series.
  2. MissCheekS

    MissCheekS Reconnaîssant ❤

    haha i was just complaining abt that girl in another thread.... do u mean the girl who knows kungfu and follows her into the palace? damn i was sooo happy when she died..... she cant act and she walks like a guy!
  3. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    you mean Lily Ho?

    don't worry about it, half of the people in this series can't act for shit

    Steven Ma, Lily Ho, ALL OF Power Chan's concubines except Elaine Yiu, Natalie Tong, did i miss any?
  4. MissCheekS

    MissCheekS Reconnaîssant ❤

    ^noooooo!! steven ma = a good actor...... :(

    n yes i mean lily ho.... really (N).. something abt her that i cant stand!!
  5. mr_evolution

    mr_evolution ( • )( •ԅ(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

    Steven Ma is okay, but you wouldnt say he is outstanding
  6. brown_bear

    brown_bear ☆‧° ☆﹒﹒‧ ☆ ﹒﹒‧☆‧° ☆

    awwww ive always likey steven ma..!!!!...

    and+1 on the maid..(N)
  7. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    A lot of Steven Ma's emotions are forced, I get really annoyed whenever he tries to argue with someone he has the tendency to force a lot of body movements...

    Not to mention the opera singing in the beginning annoyed the crap out of me
  8. Aznmask

    Aznmask Well-Known Member

    I like most of Steven Ma ancient series. Like Safe Guards, Sweetness in the Salt,

    Although most of his ancient series seem same all the time.
  9. MissCheekS

    MissCheekS Reconnaîssant ❤

    hahaha i gotta admit the opera scenes were MORONIC!!!! but the rest of his acting doesnt bother me :p
  10. Omgz.... Grace Wong is sooooo annoying ><"
  11. turbobenx

    turbobenx .........

    i dont like/hate steven ma, but i think he can act.
  12. ralphrepo

    ralphrepo Well-Known Member

    OK, I'll bite; 'you wouldnt say he is outstanding' ...then as compared to who or what? What other TVB actor would have been better (or as you put it, outstanding) in this role? Bosco? Ah Wong? Laughing Gor? Wong Cho Lam (yeah I know, LOL)?

    Personally, I think the role of the bad guy was miscast. I find Kenneth Ma so comical when he puts on his crazy bad guy face that I just have to laugh. It really looks forced and contrived.

    But, I can certainly imagine (I can't recall his name) the guy that played opposite Laughing Gor as the boss of the crime family. Granted, he's a bit older, but in that role, he was cold and calculating while remaining effusively charming. When he became violent near the end of the series, you certainly believed it.
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