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  1. RockkxD

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    One episode of an interesting mystery was pretty cool. Makes me wonder where it is now, ever since it has believed to be covered with water with no evidence to be found. Other then some to believe that Atlantis was real and of course.. the aliens had something to do with it, lol. But man, I bet Poseidon possess it now, :D. This also reminds me of that movie way back.. I believe it was a some disney or something close to that type of movie.

    Do you believe it or not? Got any comments that you want to share? Feel free to response and interact with this mystery!
  2. KilaKilaGirl

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    This myth can never be solved. your guess is as good as mine. whether Atlantis is real or bogus, it has very insignificant to today livings. I remembered atlantis in one of the yugioh anime series where the collapse of atlantis was due to people's greediness and misdeed.
  3. lasalle

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    Probably just another old civilization and nothing more. I don't like the way the modern people interpret the past. Two set of bones and a few blankets .. they can tell someone life story.. almost guarantee their analyses are wrong.
  4. xaznxryux

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    Comment to lasalle, you cant really judge that, archeologist make analysis base on their knowledge of the area of past and present. Like for example an old chinese relic was found, two set of bone and some bamboo and a knife, you could make an educational guess that it was used to write, could it be wrong, yes and no, but it was logical cuz they did do it back then. You can argue other things if they are valid according to that place and time, but their analysis sounds correct to me. If you read world history, it will all make sense

    as for Atlantis, yes i believe it once existed, it wasnt just Plato's made up story. Judging how water levels rises every century, now we're talking about 2-3 milleniums ago, who knows how high the water has risen. Not to mention, natural disaster comes into play. Earthquake followed by a tsunami? its possible.
  5. Shapeshyfter

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    I think it was one of those things that got blown out of proportion. It was probably so island we still have now, but they saw something weird and started exaggerating it. I mean Plato said it was there, but in his days, their knowledge of the oceans were very limited. So there's only so much far away from Greece that this place could have existed. They also said a bunch of other stuff that is unlikely to be true.

    But then again, it would be cool if Atlantis actually existed. As a kid, I use to read about it.
  6. xaznxryux

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    atlantis probably couldve been real, probably totally made up by Platos, who knows. But its not impossible that advance civilization back then was submerged under water. Judging Tectonic Plates and Fault Lines, probably something similar to the 2004 Tsunami happened but more serious. Think about how serious the 2004 tsunami was, how most beaches were wiped out. Now imagine, something 2000+ years ago more serious, it could happen