BERMO and BOSCOLIE [Bernice x Moses] + [Bosco x Myolie]=the two best couple to date

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    I have been hoping for ages for them to admit their relationship, but it seems that it's not happening. But, go BERMO and BOSCOLIE! This is a fanfic about them. It is sometimes brief, sometimes detailed. I will try to update at least once a week.


    Bernice Liu Bik Yee can be referred as: Berni, Ah Yee, Ah Nize, Bik Yee, or Nizzy
    Moses Chan Ho can be referred as: Ah Mo, Chan Ho, Ah Ho, MoMo, or Fan Shu Mo (sweet potato mo)
    Bosco Wong Chung Chak can be referred as: Bosc, Ah Co, Ah Chak, Ah Wong, CoCo, or Chung Chak
    Myolie Wu Hung Yi can be referred as: Myyo, Ah Li, Ah Yi, Hung Yi, LiLee or Yolie
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    Lol, i guess you really like them eh? :p
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    The alarm sitting on the bedside table wakes up Bernice and Moses. Today is a brand new day. They just had an argument the day before. Lying silently by her side on their big bed, Bernice feels that she wants to talk, but doesn’t want to be the first one to speak. The alarm still ringing, stops when Bernice presses the “snooze” button. Without waking Moses up, she silently goes outside to the balcony for a fresh grasp of air. She wants to let everything go, like the way it was… before last night. This was not the first time she had felt like that. The couple had many more arguments before. Looking to her right, she sees Myolie.
    Myolie: Hi Bernice.
    Myolie yells across, in a tone that Bernice could hear, but others can’t. The two had became best friends after Bernice and Moses moved into their mansion and Bosco and Myolie moved into the one right next to theirs. Since the two couples’ rumors since the year of 2005, it had all been a secret. Bosco, who played Moses’ brother in the big hit “Heart of Greed” had also developed a great friendship. Thinking deep into thought, Bernice doesn’t hear her. Bosco comes out and puts his arm on Myolie’s shoulders.
    Bosco: Good morning, Bernice. What’s up?
    Bernice still doesn’t answer.
    Myolie: Bernice Liu Bik Yee, come back to us.
    Bernice exclaims: Sorry, I was lost in thought.
    Bosco: Ok, let me take a wild guess. Moses…
    Bernice: Do not mention him please.
    Bosco: See, I knew it. But I was just saying hi to Moses.
    Moses come out to the balcony and tries to wrap his arms around Bernice’s waist and put his head on top of Bernice’s shoulders, but she resisted. Through numerous times of trying, he finally managed to do so.
    Then he whispers: I love you.
    Hearing this, Bernice’s whole body lights up, as if she had gotten a boost of energy.
    She turns to Moses and says: Sweet-talker. You probably never mean it anyways.
    Moses: No, this is real.
    Myolie (with a wink): Bosco, remember breakfast?
    Bosco: (cough, cough; hmm hmm) Yes, yes, then we have to go to work. Bye Bermo.
    Myolie: Bye guys!
    As Myolie and Bosco walk back into their mansion, they feel an urge to peek at what Bernice and Moses were going to do next.
    Moses: Come on, Bernice, are you still mad at me for yesterday?
    Bernice: Oh, it seems that you think so too.
    Moses: Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, but Gigi Lai was late to filming yesterday, so all of the filming were delayed. Therefore I was late for dinner last night. I know you cooked hard, but I’m really sorry. How about this, I cook dinner for us for the entire week, ok?
    Bernice and Moses are silent for a few seconds. Meanwhile at Myolie and Bosco’s mansion, they overheard the whole conversation and they both wanted the two to be back together again; after all, the four of them were best friends.
    Moses: Come on, Bernice, I’ll cook your favorite meals.
    Bernice: Turn around.
    Bernice wraps her arms against Moses, hugging him at first and then shares a very passionate kiss. Seeing all of this inside their mansion, Myolie and Bosco comes outside. Without noticing that the two were watching Bernice and Moses, they continued their kissing, until Myolie sneezed. Moses and Bernice stop their kissing immediately.
    Bosco: Awwh! No more kissy kiss?
    Bernice: NO!
    Bosco (in a joking matter): Myolie, it’s your fault! Why did you ever sneeze in the first place.
    Myolie: Excuse me, I’m sorry then, but I had to sneeze.
    Moses: We all better get going. We have work to do. Bosco, you did cook some extra breakfast right?
    Bosco: Actually, no, because we were busy watching you guys. It was like a TVB grand production. If only you guys admit your real relationship in public…
    Bernice: If you and Myyo, admit your relationship, then we’ll admit ours.
    Moses: Are you guys bargaining here? Come on, let’s get going. Bosco, you make the eggs and hot dogs, and we’ll make the orange juice.
    Myolie: Sure.
    The four goes back into their mansions and then prepares to go filming.
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    U made a few mistakes ms TVBand nooooo,:(no thanx
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    what mistakes? name them.
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    10- 25- 07

    Bernice sits on the sofa to watch some t.v. (TVB). She hears the door open.
    Bernice (running with her arms about to hug): Moses! I’m so glad you’re back.
    Moses: Berni, yes it’s ok. I’m back!
    Bernice: You do not know how bored I am. I had no filming today.
    Moses: Yes, I totally understand what it feels like to be without me by your side. Isn’t Myyo or Bosco home?
    Bernice: Ha! You’re right. Nope, the two went on a date since this morning. So, what are all these bags?
    Moses: It’s our dinner, that I will be cooking tonight, because I promised to cook for us for a whole week, but I somehow just managed to cook for 3 days, so I’m making it up, just for you.
    Bernice (giving him a pinch on the face): Well, do you need help, or do you want me to continue staring at the t.v. watching The Ultimate Crime Fighter?
    Moses: Your choice. But here is a question: Are you sure you won’t be jealous watching it. I mean there’s Gigi and Yoyo.
    Bernice: No, remember we trust each other? And I’m pretty sure that you guys have nothing together, right?
    Moses (in a jokingly matter): I don’t know. Is it real?
    Moses takes a seat on the sofa and turns to hug Bernice.
    Moses: Berni, you know it’s not real. I almost told the paparazzi that we were together.
    Bernice: How? Tell me you didn’t.
    Moses: Like that function for The Ultimate Crime Fighter, where I won the cake making contest and would have gotten a kiss from Gigi, but I told them “someone would be unhappy” and then how I didn’t help Vivien with climbing those wooden sticks.
    Bernice: Oh, what good evidence.
    Moses: It’s getting late. I better start the cooking. If you want to help your lovely boyfriend; me out, you are welcome to come to the kitchen anytime.
    Bernice: Before you start your cooking, I have to show you these. I bought them at a DVD store today. They’re real, and copyrighted by TVB.
    Bernice shows Moses a set of DVDs labeled Healing Hands III and Love Bond.
    Moses: Nice. Let’s watch them later.
    Moses goes to the kitchen and starts his cooking. Bernice surprises him a few minutes later with a kiss on the cheeks when Moses was beating the eggs. As they eat their warm dinner, they praise one another in watching Love Bond.
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    wow... you must really love your TVB

    should get outside once and a while :p
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    You guys are really great on things about them
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    I TOTALLY LOVE BOSCOLIE, with BERMO coming in a close second :) Both pairs are matches made in heaven! It's so obvious they are meant for each other! Can we be friends?? And I like the start of your fanfic :) Mistake or not... though I don't really know where got mistake..hehe ...
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    Oh and by the way, I am a TVB freak too :D hehe ..
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    Anyone else that's want moses or bosco needs to back off cause they are already taken hehe. The couples are just perfect
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    oh yeah! BERMO and BOSCOLIE!
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    10- 28- 07
    Bernice: Ah Mo, wake up, it’s time!
    Moses: Huh? For what?
    Bernice: Ah! Fan Shu Mo, don’t you remember, Bosco and Myolie are coming over today and practicing what we’re going to say during our interviews by the reporters for TVB 40th Anniversary. Hurry up and get dressed.
    Moses: Berni, calm down. It’s ok. I bet they’re not even awake yet.
    The doorbell rings.
    Bernice: I’ll go get it.
    Bernice goes to the door and see Myolie and Bosco.
    Bosco (laughing): Haha! Bernice not awake.
    Myolie: Stop laughing at them.
    Moses walks out the bathroom and comes down the stairs.
    Bosco and Myolie: Good morning Moses.
    Moses (yawning): Morning.
    Bernice: I’m going to get dressed. You guys can sit here for the time being. But don’t start without me.
    Myolie: Take your time. The four of us are all off today. So lucky.
    Moses: Ate breakfast yet?
    Bosco: Umm, no.
    Moses: Ok, I’ll make the breakfast and you guys can watch t.v.
    Myolie: Sure.
    Moses makes breakfast for four, Bernice goes to get dressed and Bosco and Myolie watches t.v.
    Myolie: Hey, it’s The Drive of Life.
    Bosco: Oh, so I can watch it. What episode is this?
    Myolie: You’ll see.
    They are in the middle of the episode when Bernice comes down the stairs.
    Bernice: So, what were you guys talking about?
    Myolie: You and Moses, so when are you guys getting married?
    Bernice: What? Ask Moses.
    Moses: Hey Bernice, don’t throw the ball around. Remember our plans?
    Bernice: What plans?
    Myolie: Ok, ok, we were just kidding.
    Moses and Bernice: What a relieve!
    Bosco (with a smirk): Why, are you really married?
    Bosco and Myolie’s cellphones rings. They answer it.
    Bosco: Hey, the manger just called to tell me that I have to film. Sorry. We’ll do this next week ok?
    Myolie: Hey, me too.
    Moses: Ok, I guess that we’ll just have to do this next week.
    Myolie and Bosco leaves.
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    hurry update! :)
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    oh by the way, can i share sth boscolie? dunno if you all know this was spotted by a member of the tvbsqforum... she noticed that bosco & myolie wore matching rings (well, actually they have a lot of matchign things) ... but the rings seems to signify sth...hehe.. bosco wore a white ring on his left ring finger and myolie wore a white ring on her second finger...
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    i will update as soon as i can. sorry for the waiting. i will use the matching rings. by the way, the website, something like, showed that bernice and moses had the same necklace and bracelet! HIP HIP HOORAY!
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    really? same necklace & braceler? that's awesome :D is it same in colour? boscolie also has other matching things like their sunglasses and shoes ( though they wear at diff functions.. the fans noticed XD) ~
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    Myolie's B-day

    11- 06- 07

    Myolie comes home to Bosco’s and her mansion. She is so exhausted that she forgets that it is actually her birthday. When she goes in into the house, it is all dark.
    Bosco, Moses and Bernice: Surprise!
    Myolie: Whoa! Hold it there! What’s going on?
    Bosco: Myyo honey, it’s your birthday today.
    Myolie: Whoops, I totally forgot. I was so busy lately.
    Bernice: Ah Co, give your girlfriend and future wife a kiss, and then blow out the candles, and we’ll be all set to eat the cake.
    Bosco gives Myolie a kiss on the lips. Myolie closes her eyes to make a wish and then blows out the candles.
    Moses: So, what did you wish for?
    Myolie: I’m not telling you, or else it won’t come true.
    Moses: Even if you don’t tell me, I know what it is. Bosco…
    Bosco: Oh be quiet Ah Mo. Bernice wants the same thing.
    Bernice: What do I want? I’m confused.
    Myolie receives her presents. Bernice and Moses give her a gigantic teddy bear and Bosco give Myolie another set of matching bracelets.
    Moses: Oh look, you get more matching bracelets. But Bernice and I have a pair of matching black necklaces.
    Bosco: Hey, we have something similar to that. But I misplaced it.
    Myolie: Whatever, let’s eat the cake, I’m hungry.
    Moses: Then, we have to finish our “speeches” for TVB’s Anniversary.
    The four eats a piece of cake and then rehearses their speeches.
    Myolie and Bosco: We’ll be the reporters first. Moses, who do you think we win the best actress award this year, your girlfriend.
    Moses: Well, I would say Bernice, because she’s really improving.
    Bosco: So, does that mean that she’s your girlfriend.
    Moses: What are you talking about? I don’t have a girlfriend.
    Myolie (jokingly): Are you serious?
    Moses: I thought we were practicing for the anniversary.
    Moses (whisper): Bernice is sitting right next to me.
    Bernice: Ah Mo, who am I then?
    Moses: She was just kidding. Fine, I’ll give you a kiss if I have to for you to forgive me.
    Bernice: I don’t want a kiss.
    Moses: Ok, then I’ll give it to Bosco.
    Moses is about to kiss Bosco.
    Bernice: No, wait.
    Moses: See? I knew you wanted me to kiss you.
    Moses gives Bernice a peck on the lips.
    Bosco: Ok, ok. Bernice, who do you think will win the best actor award?
    Bernice: Well, I got to say Moses, he was so funny as “Duc Duc Dai” in Heart of Greed.
    Myolie: So is he really your boyfriend?
    Bernice: No, we’re good friends.
    Moses and Bernice: Now, we’re the reporters. Bosco, any chance with the best actor award?
    Bosco: I seriously think Moses, my brother in Heart of Greed.
    Bernice: And best actress?
    Bosco: Myolie, because she was so good in The Drive of Life.
    Moses: Myolie: so is it going to be Bosco?
    Myolie: Yeah, I support him.
    Moses: Great job guys!
    Bernice: It’s time to go Ah Mo. Bosc and Myyo needs some time together.
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    sorry for the long time without uploading, but i really can't with so much hw, exams and papers due so soon. i will do it as soon as possible. (maybe next week, at at latest somewhere around thanksgiving) thanks to those who read the fanfic and gave comments
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    lols, it's funny when moses denied saying he has no gf and then bernice is right there and then myolie jokingly ask if he really meant it :D *heart* Boscolie ! go BerMo :)