China Has Built An Elevated Bus That Travels Above Car Traffic

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  1. looks damn cool:chow:
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    Useless on an actual road, it'll only cause more traffic. It won't fit and what about vehicles taller than cars and wires/signs/lights above.
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    call me a pessimist but this is an accident waiting to happen
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    Well... After all the hoopla and sensation last year about this urban marvel, the 'Elevated Road Straddling Bus' is apparently a bust. The test bed is now considered an annoying road block whilst the company offices appear to have been shuttered and abandoned. The company had allegedly promised the host city that its test track would be removed no later than August 2016. Going five months past that point, there is no sign that anyone is about to start work to disassemble the mile long track. Today it sits not only as a curious eye sore but also as a tangible traffic snarling obstacle in the port city of Qinhuangdao where daily traffic has to detour around it. Many existing vehicles are actually too tall to pass beneath it, whilst the entire vehicle is itself too tall to pass beneath many other fixed overhead road structures like overpasses. Thus, in order for it fit into preexisting road infrastructure, it would have to have both a higher floor and a much lower roof to the point that its passenger cabin would no longer be suitable for human use. This has made many Chinese critics call this whole episode nothing more than an elaborate publicity stunt while the unkind have even accused it of being a scam seeking foolish investors.

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    Not surprised at all by this outcome...laughable too...
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    Just an update. Apparently, the company that was backing this was put to task as nearly all their employees were arrested. What's comical about this whole thing is that there's an Android game using this as a theme, LOL... Look on Play Store for an app called "Elevated China Bus Driving" ;)

    But one word of advice, I wouldn't bother downloading it as most opinions are that they game is as bad as the real thing; ie. a non working scam, LOL...
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    Honestly quite surprised that there are still updates to this story lol. I would assume it's the higher ups of the company that were arrested right?

    Did a quick search on this app on the play store; pretty questionable that it even has 1 million downloads for this shitty app
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