Choi Jiwoo comeback to TV performance after 3 years interval

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    Choi Jiwoo comeback to TV performance after 3 years interval


    Hanryu star Choi Jiwoo and actor Lee Jun Jae’s performing in drama ‘Air City’ is a certainty.

    The special project drama of MBC 'Air city'(Shinarioi Sonhi and production Imuteu) which is scheduled for broadcasting during weekends in around May was finalized. The casting issue caused some confusion earlier on and meanwhile Choi Jiwoo and Lee Jun Jae starring was fixed.

    Parties concerned with the drama clarified on the 25th that "The casting of Choi Jiwoo and Lee Jun Jae was fixed in fact" and "As a result, the taking of picture schedule will progress immediately."

    Choi Jiwoo will play the role of a manager at an airport corporation who speaks five foreign languages. This is her first return to Korean drama after ‘Stairways To Heaven’3 years ago. Lee Jun Jae came back to acting in drama after his 'White Night 3.98' SBS production, an interval of almost 9 years.

    Before this, Lee Jun Jae’s drama appearance was undecided due to the temporarily contract dispute with Phantom. Choi Jiwoo also had some difficulty in making decision.

    On the other hand, 'Air City' is a project to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the opening of Inchon National Airport by portraying stories about the airport and navigating staff.
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