Do You Love The Ending ?

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  1. michelle7879

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    To me, i personally, love tis series alot.. and i oso love the ending alot... although ending Niki's wil die, but, b4, she passed away, she did have a very happy, sweet and loving moments wif Kevin and oso her daughter... so, to Kevin & Niki's part... is really touched , sweet and romance... love to see, how Kevin love her and care for her.. its so touched, and every time Niki's cry due to the sickness... i oso wil cry...

    Then another pairs, Bosco and Natalie, its so touched , cute and lots of laugther to see.. Bosco, trying to pull back the relationship wif Sasa... but, due to in between there's Jessie, doing lots of thing.. haiz.. make tis pairs, need to gone through lots of critical moment and can get together... so, touched and sweet to see the moment they both meet at Japan, then they go for dinner and have a sweet and romance moment at the bus stop... and ending, i m so touched by the part of Bosco propose to Sasa at hospital by drawing the ending part of the Comic " Fei Lat Kai Mou "... really so touched and romance oso laughter wif the 3 best friends of Bosco lo.. haha...

    SO, over all, love tis series alot... Best Series ...


  2. maybellina

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    Agree! The serie was very well done! Although, I just find that somehow...the two loves story doesn't really connect together...just find that a bit odd how they always connects them when "the artist" in the serie was making his sketch. For some reason, the message they show on the bulletin board (last scene on last chapter) really got to me. So touching~ hee hee
  3. sakurafossil

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    Agree too!! storyline was good. everything was well explained.
  4. DDdrama

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    the ending looks like Kdrama
  5. JulianKevin

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    Recently rewatch this series, love the series the ending a little sad but at least Kevin still has the daughter with him.