Dream High (드림하이) 16ep

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    Its already ep 6 but anyone else catching up with this series? what are your thoughts on the acting and the drama overall.

    I think its a good fit having idols star in a drama about singing and the entertainment industry. However the acting isn't up to par but then they are amateurs so i guess its all good. Eun jung's character seems to be hated and the evil on but her acting is pretty good. I.U is just cute, since everyone already knows how pretty and cute she is. her character is pretty funny. Suzy is doing a good job for her first time but acting wise can be better and her character is interesting. Taec should be the foreigner since he really is one but its funny seeing wooyoung being the foreigner and speaking English. Kim soo hyun does look like rain and his character is interesting as well. this is pretty much a JYPE show and even having JYP himself in the drama. I really want to see the result of the chosen 3 characters
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    A few of them, this was their first debut as an actors/actresses, Just a lot of young people. I didn't have high expectations but it's pretty good, this drama has a lot of idols and famous people in it so it drew a lot of attentions and fans to watch it. It was #1 in episode 6 in ratings. JYP is still a shitty actor..lol
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    i really like this drama. this is my first kdrama and suzy's character is making the series click. can't wait for more!
  4. i find Suzy's acting ma ma deh...

    im loving Eun Jung tho :D
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  5. Im going crazy over Dream High @_@
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    Not really wow,
    But guess they are doing okay, considering this is the first time they are acting.
    Still like chubby IU over the slim IU :p

    6 more episode left right?
  7. its to 11 right now so 5 more?

    she was soo cute in that Sushi suit :D

    Miss Sushi!
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    Does anybody know the song in episode 4 when Kim Soo Hyun with Wooyoung at about 38 min?