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    Ahh, the most relative issue worldwide.. ghosts. The episodes were a little freaky but this is the question.. do you believe it or do you not? Some people has sworn to have talked or seen one. Even haunted houses are to be avoid, same for the graveyards sometimes at night. With all these ghosts hunters going to places to places to find out the truth, do you really believe them? Lol.. ghost busters, -bowroflarms! But yeah, I personally don't believe them but I have a litte slight feeling that they are around.

    Do you believe it or not? Got any comments that you want to share? Feel free to response and interact with this mystery!
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    Haha.. yes.. ghost is interesting.. i seen b4. when i was small.. hmm but the feel was very uncertain.. just like dreaming.. it happen in a split second...
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    What do you think the intentions of ghosts are? Do you think it is as movie portray them to be as souls with unfinished business?
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    ^ They said that in the show, they said some still live as a ghost because either they haven't finished what they call, "life". Some live for revenge, maybe someone could've killed him/her. These are two reason, although there's many more of why they live as a ghost.
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    Interesting.. really. Does ghost exist ??