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  1. occ

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    Is he living in HK now or what? after he release a couple of album that flopped big time in the US I thought he retired from music for good, can't believe he doing chinese music now. How's his music career in HK?
  2. RockkxD

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    He is currently working in the Hong Kong music entertainment industry.
  3. mr_evolution

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    I'll say he's doing good, you know what the hip-hop market is like in HK.
  4. bebefcuk

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    I like the song, very catchy and very ironic because it's an ancient series and yet the song is rap.
  5. kdotc

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    hes been in hk for like almost 2 years already...where have you been? he never retired from music despite sellling only 250,000 copies of his first album, he still had mixtapes going and shows
  6. occ

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    no where still here just got old and stop listening to rap completely, where have you been? back in 2005 he anounced his retirement from rap he even make a rap song about it.

    some article about his retirement

  7. tiapk7932

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    I was surprised to hear him sing the theme song to this ancient series and thought it a bit odd; the song is catchy though. =) After I watched a few episodes, I think it fits the series as the series doesn't seem like the traditional ancient ones I've watched. It seems that the script has many modern slang in the dialogue.
  8. Universal HK signed him and has been promoting him quite well....i don't like the theme though.

    his US career was short lived so comparing the two...i say he's doing very well right now in Hong Kong.
  9. kdotc

    kdotc 안녕하세요빅뱅K-Dragon입니다

    as you can see in the article "his career was put on hold" not officially quitting..later that year he was recording tracks and putting out mixtapes