The westerners racism and stupidity in claiming we Asians making our Anime based on them

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  1. First of all we Asians scientifically proven of making our Anime characters based on us Asians, based on our own Asians facial & body form [video=youtube;KT-EzudJXmY][/video]

    The point the video are showing is the fact that millions of our Anime fans prefer us Asians rather than westerners on imitating the Anime characters our Anime fans love and respect is the concrete evidence that we Asians make our Anime characters based on us Asians, millions of our Anime fans prefer us Asians because they see us Asians resemble the Anime characters they love while they don't see westerners look like our Anime characters.

    The method used on the video is using google image search engine which is a good image search engine who show its search results just the way they are without making its own opinion, as for its search results is based on how many x the image have been reposted and not based on how many x the keyword have been used. So the method is scientific and not an opinion based method that could be biased.



    Anyway, why would the westerners claim we Asians make our Anime characters which we Asians believe based on us Asians to be based on those westerners while we Asians never claim those westerners make their cartoon characters which those westerners believe based on those westerners to be based on us Asians. There is highly westerners racism involved in this, there are still many racist westerners this days who believe their western race are the superior race which make them believe any other race must look up and bow down to them, so they believe when other race making something moreover the one that become popular world wide [ such as our Anime ] then it must be based on them. The westerners are even racist in sport to this day which is the only thing in this world that can unite the world, no wonder the westerners invaded and stealing countless things from other races for hundreds of years in the past including enslaving the african and native american. The westerners are even still invaded a big portion of the native american [ Indian ] land to this day which named as u.s.a and canada, the entire native australian [ Aboriginal ] land which named as australia and new zealand, a small portion of the african land which named as south africa but unable to take any portion of our Asians land because we Asians are not losers. The most worse thing is the westerners treat the native peoples of the land they invaded as 2nd class to this day instead of being grateful to them, it is like in their western blood to be racist by thinking they can just do whatever they want to other races, it is like in their western blood to be racist by thinking they can just do whatever they want to other races.

    What pathetic is those westerners can't make any Anime up to this day while they love our Anime [ proven by most westerners who doing Cosplay are prefer to imitate our Anime characters ] much more than the cartoon those westerners made, so those westerners action of claiming we Asians making our Anime characters based on them can also be seen as trying to get credits from other race [ our Asian race ] hard work which are very shameful and dishonorable to those westerners pride [ only if they even have any pride as westerners ].

    What stupid is the westerners who both claim we Asians making our Anime characters based on them and their cartoon characters based on them are fail to see that our Anime characters and their cartoon characters have very different facial & body form. We Asians made our Anime characters facial & body form with almond shaped eyes, small nose, round face, sharp jaw and smallish body form like our own Asians facial & body form, while those westerners made their cartoon characters facial & body form with deep set eyes, long nose, square jaw and big wide body form like what those westerners own facial & body form, really stupid.

    Not only our Anime, those westerners also claim our Lolita, Cosplay, Ullzang and many other things we Asians created and owned which become popular world wide to be based on those westerners or to be a copy of their western stuff.
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    Frankly, even as I'm proud to be Asian too, I find your arguments rather hollow. Most of the elaborate Lolita cosplay costumes, blond hair, and even guns, are based historically on western influences. While there is arguably Asian, primarily Japanese creativity with anime, you yourself fail to see and accept how western derived culture and creativity impacted the genre. In fact, the term "Lolita" itself, is purely based on the title of a novel written and published first in English, by Russian author Vladimir Nabokov in 1955. 'Our' Lolita, indeed. In essence, Japanese writers had fan modded western culture and then cleverly adapted them for their own audiences. In truth, there is very little creativity; just a lot of imitation. What is really stupid is to have race based arguments using such pride issues as cultural bastions worth chest thumping defense. In fact, if you looked into history you'll find that industrial western ideas, and culture, was first rebuffed, and then readily sought after and adapted by Asians during the early portions of the 1900's. Japan, one of the best imitators, readily copied western military ideas, making them the most feared nation in Asia during the mid 1900's. Even after their defeat and subsequent occupation by US troops, their national constitution (which stands to this day) was written by the US, transforming Japan from a relatively feudal existence into a modern republic. Japanese society then eagerly copied American ideas of education, fashion, music and industry. When MacArthur, the US general was relieved of his command and was going home, Japanese citizens lined the streets to thank him.

    While having pride in oneself and our accomplishments is a correct position; your ideas that "we Asians" are historically more creative than the westerners (who you openly deride as stupid) reveals a rather shallow and limited understanding of history and more than a hint of your own racist attitudes that I cannot defend nor subscribe to.
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    right on point i agree! AZN pride what year is it?
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    From an outsider perspective, I just see a white guy trying to look like an Asian person who's trying to look like a white person etcetera... and vice versa at Asians... while having fun in this peculiar manchild-ish Japanese subculture of anime and cosplay.

    Both stances are dumb as fuck, as are the people who adhere to it (I have "scientifically" determined it by plotting the amount of eyebrow raises per minute against a control).
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    lol, AZN pride.....reminds me of when i was just 13 years old...
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    Spot on, excellent! (Y)
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    WTF?!?!? He's back again?!!?
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    took a few years to gather his evidence for the not so triumphant return
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    somehow i agree. they draw characters based on the westerners. Deep eye sockets, tall nose, pointed nose, double eyelids and so on, Aren;t those the traits of the westerners? especially in the Japanese 3D animes and games, most of the characters look like westerners.