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    Steven Ma plays his usual best as the "average man stuck in a bad situation", but I still don't know what anyone sees in Linda Chung. I didn't like their pairing in their last series (he played a village idiot, she was a vet) and this one is no better. She is probably the most 2 dimensional and emotionally flat actress I've ever seen. :wtf:

    Fala Chen surprised me. I had no real opinion of her and had just thought of her as one of the proverbial KLF (Keh Leh Feh) supporting cast, but after this, I hope TVB gives her meatier roles. Her depiction in the particular role of a good fox spirit who falls in love with Steven Ma's character is both believable and well done. IMHO, she should have been the female lead in this instead of the dead pan Linda Chung. Heck, even the other KLF who plays the bad cop's sister has more acting range than Chung. :yes:
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    Someone gotta make a thread for this in 'drama discussion' man.

    But anyways, i gotta disagree with u ralph (As much as i hated too...:wtf:). There are basically not alot of differences between these two. These two's acting are just ok.... nothing to compliment about or praise. But, I think it's more like the characters they played respectively that probably lead u in your opinion of linda chung and fala. I guaranteed if they switch roles, your mind would change. I meant, i would support the Fox relationship with the human rather than the same old 'human-human'. I thought linda chung was pretty good in 'heart of greed', however i think fala chen is better than linda in the 2nd one.

    As a successful actress, most of the time, they also need to get a good role or the role that people like. IT doesn't need to be a 'good guy' role, but it's necessarily to get a role that the majority of the audience would like or a memorable one...........

    But i do agree with u that charmaine Li is wayy better than these two.

    Before overkilling me with your smart comments, this is just my opinion.
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    LOL... Well, if you're going to put it that way, then we'll go with what you stated, that is, there is not a lot of difference between Chung and Chen; ergo, Chung is really support cast material; which was my whole point to begin with. I don't know why TVB has invested so much in her.

    Insofar as Chen, I thought her performance in this series thus far, has been a lot more memorable when compared with that of Chung. Hence my belief that TVB should try her in more substantial roles. I understand your comment vis a vis if they had switched roles; but I honestly don't think that would have mattered much.

    I've seen Chung in many other titles as she's one of TVB's main stars. She is essentially wooden in just about everything she plays. On the other hand, Chen (being a KLF) usually plays vixens, "the other woman" or has walk ons as a relationship to some other central character. She routinely plays a wide range of characters. Even in such cameos, she comes across as believable. If one could imagine had Chung been cast in or forced to play such roles, would she have garnered the same audience or viewer reaction as Chen does? Based on what I've seen of Chung's performances to date, I really don't think so.

    As for overkilling anyone with "smart" comments, LOL... everyone, and I mean everyone, is entitled to their own opinion; even you, and <gasp> ...even me -roflyawn

    Hmmm... a human sleeping with a fox? I had a friend that used to sleep with his ferret; does that count? -what?
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    I don't understand why it took so long for a mod to open up a discussion section for this drama. I realize they are volunteers but doing so isn't much of a challenge once a new drama has aired.

    Moreover, most of the dramas in "Current Drama Series Discussion" are not current at all.

    As for the Ghost Writer, I really like the theme song. :)
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    In this drama,I felt that Fala really could snatch away the viewers attention focus on her rather than Linda....I felt she really improves alot...
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    I had just watched only 2 series that had Fala Chen but had watched a lot of series that had Linda... However, most of characters that Linda had been in, didnt make any impression much in me even from good to bad character....

    As about Fala Chen, I firstly have great impression to her in series of Heart Of Greed 2 as she plays a mute little girl. And now, when i watch her in Ghost writer, i feel that she has improved a lot in her body emotion expression.

    I like the song that Linda sings together with Raymond in Heart of Greed. Hope that Linda will improve her skills one day , not just reading the script in the filming.
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    i'm starting to dislike Fala Chan's character & acting. initially when she acts cute its quite okay to the drama with the fox story and stuff but when she starts to act slutty and talks alot alot it really gets annoying. her crying is so fake..
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    this drama is very passionate and it teaches people to respect the others, like family, elders...
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    i really liked fala in this series. shes so pretty and innocent
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    Okay series .. comparable to MOL .. average side of thing .. not totally impressive.
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    my mum sleep while watching tis series but keeps awake while watching The Mysteries of Love - 談情說案 . why? hard to compare,rite? me? i think both r good...
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    why is steven ma and linda chung so good together??? really like this drama!
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    I hadn't notice fala much in other series. She outdid herself in this one. Very good acting. She stands out a lot more than linda does in this series. Although i liked watching steven and linda in other series, i have to say I wanted fala and steven to be together