Vincent Wan as 甘永中

Discussion in 'Heart of Greed II - 溏心風暴之家好月圓' started by love_of_tvb, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb Well-Known Member

    i think he will come back to hong kong from the UK soon, since he was left alone there right after Ah Cheow got accepted into a good university. He was only 12! And it's amazing how he has like 4 cars, a stereo system and all these expensive stuff.
  2. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    i like what he said to Sa Yee in Ep 11:

    "You monster, SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!"
  3. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    lol, hes actually pretty mysterious , lol, it would be scary if he started to be funny or loud or something, lol Fu Diao Diao !
  4. bobbylee

    bobbylee Well-Known Member

    don't really like his acting
    its not real enough
  5. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    lol, not real enough? lol we dont really see him from ep 1 to 10 , lol we need more Vincent !
  6. bobbylee

    bobbylee Well-Known Member

    he seems like he's reading a book when he speaks
    based on ep 10
  7. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    just watched ep 8, wah, Zhong Jai was so spoilt, like 4 BMX cars and etc, lol, and he was forced to go to England to keep Sum Lui company, lol Hung yee really knows how to "use" her children
  8. lovinglyxx

    lovinglyxx Well-Known Member

    don't like his acting, like when he cries it's not natural and he's obviouisly he's forcing himself... and don't like his voice lol!.. but only seen him in ep10.. might grow on me later on!
  9. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    apparently this guy dont know how to read or write chinese much sooo hes like hung teen ming .. some one has to tell him what to say and he remembers what to say
  10. WeakNiZ

    WeakNiZ Well-Known Member

    is this is first time in tvb? never saw him before
  11. michelle7879

    michelle7879 Well-Known Member

    i first time seeing him and if tis is his 1st series.. then i would feel tat he is great..cos, he dun know chinese and he can hold the role quite well.. in episode 10, he is great..the scene of he and Ho touching..
  12. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    Totally agree with you guys on this. He can't act for nuts.

    I thought BMXs are bicycles, no?
  13. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    lol, i think its cars, lol, anyway , hes a new actor give him a chance :p, lol
    its coz hes Diao ,, Fuu Diao Diao :p
  14. bobbylee

    bobbylee Well-Known Member

    even though its his first time, he's got to be convincing and real otherwise people won't like him and tvb won't give him any good roles
  15. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon Well-Known Member

    No I don't think they are cars. They should be bikes. It doens't make sense to gift cars overseas. Plus Linda only got her first car when she became a doctor so why would Vincent get 4 cars.
  16. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    since its his first time why is he playing such a big role??? HOG biggest series of 2007 and 2008 why should he be in it since its his first time... tbh his acting skills are not great chinese isnt either .. no offence but his voice pisses me off ......
  17. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    lol its cars, coz in like ep 8, hor ma was telling Hung Yee off, and i dont think u watched that bit, coz if u did, then u would understand, Hung Yee wanted linda to know that hardwork brings sucess, so she got a second hand, and she spoilt vincent or somehting

    and wouldnt it make sense if she went over to UK and bought the car there?
  18. KT

    KT H E L L O K T ♥

    no its bikes.. she said BMX.. duh?
  19. tonkachi

    tonkachi Well-Known Member

    the story would have defintely been fine without him...i don't see a real added value with him in it....
  20. jono281

    jono281 Well-Known Member

    i felt the embarrassement for him when he said tht...