Ah Jong (manderin guy)

Discussion in 'E.U. (Emergency Unit) - 學警狙擊' started by xDvDx, Mar 10, 2009.

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    even though i don't understand the guy he's pretty badass....how gor gone soft man
  2. I was quite surprised cos watchin him on super trio hes proper jokes..
    But on here... So serious aR XD
  3. tonkachi

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    he's the nut case bombarding everybody with whip cream...he's hillarious on the show...just different seeing him in a more "serious" role
  4. kdotc

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    every time i see him in the series i keep thinking of terry from yummy yummy
  5. Baby07

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    Hey WuWu, Im so impressed! U remembered their conversation and translate to others... Good on u!