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  1. Lorrlan

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    I just finished ep 5 just then and there is a man called Albert who wants to marry Christine (she likes Jiro) and im starting to think that Albert really looks like Joe!! Im not sure if its Joe in a wig or what but im thinking its him...
    Does anyone know who plays Albert and what your thoughts are so far??
  2. .//affect-ionn

    .//affect-ionn Well-Known Member

    ^ it looks like Joe .. but if you closely when Albert leaves you can see Joe walking. I personally think that it's Joe playing as a cameo and adding joe walking in the back to stop suspicison of him playing another role
  3. weedpeach

    weedpeach Well-Known Member

    yeah i agree. it really does look and sound like joe. that part was hilarious.
  4. albert = joe. joe's wearing a wig to act as christine's fiancee. absolutely hilarious!!!
  5. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    indeed!! XDD jiro = monkey, he does, in a way
  6. tsunamig0d

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    Wow I didn't even notice that... I was wondering why it was a Chinese guy playing a foreigner lol
  7. PhY pHy

    PhY pHy Well-Known Member

    ^^^OMG...that part was so funny...i was laughing my head off...
    Joe was calling Jiro a monkey...if anyone hana kimi...
    that Julia girl also called Jiro a
    even if Jiro is a monkey...hes a cute
  8. cRush

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    ahha, oh yeahhh albert. they should have found someone else to do it! but it was funny when joe was speaking in english to christine. even jiro said it looked like joe. haha.
  9. goddess

    goddess Well-Known Member

    It's definitely Joe coz i saw that making of the scene, he took the wig off. I think they got Joe to act the character to emphasis Christine is not into guys that looks like Joe as every other gals are totally 4 him but christine only have eyes for Jiro. hey, Joe's got good english....was surprised but loved his acting in that scene hee....
  10. Lmao. Joe is so funny (Albert). Oh My God~ You Kiss Him!?
  11. whoaitselaine

    whoaitselaine Well-Known Member

    Lol, but why couldn't they find another actor to be the foreigner?
  12. ^
    like goddess said . they probably wanted to emphasize that christine wouldnt fall for guys like joe and prefers guys like ah jin :)