All star cast! So familiar?

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  1. taiko_sau

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    This seems to be an all star cast, but doesn't it seem to be pretty much the same actors and actress, but different series?

    Shouldn't they give new talents a try, to develop new stars?

  2. KaY_xD

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    can new talents carry out the ratings? i don't think so. TVB aint gonna risk to develop new stars in an anniversary series, they prob put newbies in the series already in super minor roles, like one of the servants maybe. Even Raymond Lam was cameos in several series before he becomes famous, it takes time
  3. EvilTofu

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    Some of the younger actors are playing minor roles already in this series and they will be the future, if you seen some of the older huge series, you will see a lot of the stars today also played minor roles before they make it big.
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    All star cast? Not really. I think TVB supports whoever they like .. so yeah .. big or no name .. if they like you, you are bound to have more screen time than other even if it is just a MINOR role.