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    Real name: 劉福榮 (刘福荣) / Lau Fook Wing (Liu Fu Rong)
    Name: 劉德華 (刘德华) / Lau Tak Wah (Liu De Hua)
    English name: Andy Lau
    Date of Birth : September 27, 1961
    Birth Place : Tai Po, Hong Kong
    Profession: Actor, singer and producer
    Family : parents, 4 sisters, 1 brother
    Height : 174 cm
    Weight : 65 kg
    Chinese Zodiac : Year of the Ox
    Blood Type : O Type
    Education : Wong Dai Sin Tin Ju Kau Elementary School F.6, Ho Lap Secondary School
    Clothes Size : medium
    Shoe Size : 7 1/2 (formal), 8 1/2 (sports)
    Waistline : 29 1/2 inch
    Favorite Actors : Robert DeNiro
    Favorite Clothing : jeans
    Favorite Color : black, white, gray, purple
    Favorite Movie : One for a Heart, Seven
    Favorite Place : China (Hong Kong)
    Favorite Season : all four seasons
    Favorite Sport : bowling
    Admire Most : future wife
    Dislike Most : impolite people
    Respect Most : ancestors

    The Yangs' Saga (TVB, 1985)
    The Last Performance (1985)
    My Way (1985)
    The Duke of Mount Deer (TVB, 1984)
    The Old Miao Myth (TVB, 1983)
    The Emissary (TVB, 1983)
    Return of the Condor Heroes (TVB, 1983)
    Hunting (1982)
    The Legend of Master So (1982)
    Double Fantasies (1981)

    當我遇上你 (from the 2000 album Heart's Blue)
    心藍 (from the 2000 album Heart's Blue)
    微笑 (from the 2000 album Heart's Blue)
    男兒志 (from the 2001 EP Summer Fiesta)
    地球戰士 (from the 2001 EP Summer Fiesta)
    請你莫忘我 (from the 2002 album A Better Day)
    親愛的媽媽 (from the 2002 album A Better Day)
    I Miss You (with 李安修/紀佳松) (from the 2002 album A Better Day)
    如果有一天 (from the 2003 album If One Day)
    月老……你的野蠻男友 (from the 2003 album If One Day)
    17歲 (with 徐繼宗) (from the 2003 album If One Day)
    多想你好 (from the 2003 album If One Day)
    忠於自己 (from the 2003 album If One Day)
    真愛是苦味 (from the 2003 album If One Day)
    月老 (with 湯小康) (from the 2003 album If One Day)
    的士司機 (from the 2004 album Coffee or Tea)
    魔鬼在戀愛 (from the 2004 album Coffee or Tea)
    聽話了 (from the 2004 album Coffee or Tea)
    影帝無用 (from the 2004 album Coffee or Tea)
    無須擔心 (from the 2004 album Coffee or Tea)
    幸福.這麼遠.那麼甜 (from the 2004 album Coffee or Tea)
    再說一次我愛你 (from the 2005 album All About Love)
    狠心的一課 (from the 2005 album All About Love)
    美人痛 (from the 2005 album All About Love)
    苦命梁祝 (from the 2005 album All About Love)
    完美 (from the 2005 album All About Love)
    真心話 (from the 2005 album All About Love)
    下次不敢 (from the 2005 album Best of My Love)
    我得你 (from the 2005 album Best of My Love)
    太想愛 (from the 2005 album Best of My Love)
    自作自受 (from the 2005 album Best of My Love) - Originally sung by Hacken Lee
    張開眼睛 (from the 2006 album Voice)
    心照 (from the 2006 album Voice)
    累鬥累 (from the 2006 album Voice)
    大俠 (from the 2006 album Voice)
    一家人 (from the 2006 album Voice)
    教你如何不愛他 (with 林夕) (from the 2006 album Voice)
    心肝寶貝 (from the 2006 album Voice)

    1985 只知道此刻愛你 華星
    1987 情感的禁區
    1988 回到你身邊 Back for You
    1989 劉德華
    1989 在夢裡 - 愛的連線
    1990 可不可以 - 誰說不可以
    1990 如果妳是我的傳說 If You Are My Legend
    1990 再會了
    1991 愛不完 Neverending Love
    1991 我和我追逐的夢
    1991 一起走過的日子 The Days We Passed Together
    1991 不可不信……緣
    1991 來生緣
    1992 愛的空間
    1992 謝謝你的愛 Thank You For Your Love
    1992 真我的風采
    1993 答案就是你 The Answer is You
    1993 寧願我傷心 - 一生一次
    1993 愛意
    1994 忘情水 Forget Love Potion
    1994 五時三十分 5:30
    1994 天意 Fate
    1995 真永遠 Always Andy
    1995 情未鳥
    1996 相思成災
    1996 在乎你 Caring About You
    1996 反轉紅館倒轉地球 劉德華演唱會 96
    1996 因為愛 Because of Love
    1997 愛如此神奇 Love is Mysterious
    1997 真生命 Real Life
    1997 愛在刻骨銘心時
    1998 你是我的女人 You Are My Woman
    1998 笨小孩 Stupid Child
    1999 回家真好 Good To Be Back Home
    1999 人間愛 Love in the World
    1999 劉德華演唱會 99 Andy Lau in Concert 99
    1999 愛無知 Love is Innocent Music
    2000 Just For You Just For You
    2000 男人的愛 Men's Love
    2000 心藍 Heart's Blue
    2001 The Melody Andy Vol. 8
    2001 天開了 Daybreak
    2001 夏日 Fiesta Summer Fiesta
    2001 夏日 Fiesta 演唱會 2001 Andy Lau in Concert 2001
    2002 美麗的一天 A Better Day Catchy
    2002 你是我的驕傲演唱會 Proud of You Catchy
    2003 如果有一天 If One Day Catchy
    2004 Coffee or Tea Coffee or Tea
    2004 劉德華 Vision Tour 2004 演唱會 Andy Lau Vision Tour 2004
    2005 再說一次‧我愛你 All About Love
    2005 繼續談情 Best of My Love
    2006 聲音 Voice Focus
    2006 聲音 Voice: Celebration Version
    2007 一隻牛的異想世界 Miracle World

    1982 Boat People 投奔怒海 A
    1983 Home at Hong Kong
    1983 On the Wrong Track 毁灭号地车
    1984 Everlasting Love
    1984 The Deer and the Cauldron
    1985 Shanghai 13
    1985 The Unwritten Law 法外情
    1986 Magic Crystal Actor
    1986 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 夏日福星
    1986 Lucky Stars Go Places
    1987 Rich And Famous 江湖情
    1987 Sworn Brothers 肝膽相照
    1987 Tragic Hero 英雄好漢
    1988 As Tears Go By 旺角卡門
    1988 The Crazy Companies 最佳損友
    1988 The Crazy Companies II 最佳損友闖情關
    1988 The Dragon Family 龍之家族
    1988 In the Blood
    1988 Last Eunuch in China
    1988 The Romancing Star 2 精裝追女仔2
    1988 Three Against The World 群龍奪寶
    1988 The Truth 法內情
    1988 Walk on Fire 獵鷹計劃
    1989 Bloody Brotherhood 同根生
    1989 Casino Raiders 至尊無上
    1989 China White Actor
    1989 City Kids 人海孤鴻
    1989 Crocodile Hunter 專釣大鱷
    1989 The First Time Is the Last Time 第一繭
    1989 God of Gamblers 賭神
    1989 Little Cop Actor
    1989 Long Arm of the Law III 省港旗兵第三集
    1989 News Attack Actor
    1989 Perfect Match Actor
    1989 Proud and Confident Actor
    1989 The Romancing Star 3 精裝追女仔3之狼之一族
    1989 Runaway Blues
    1989 Stars and Roses 愛人同志
    1989 The Truth - Final Episode 法內情大結局
    1990 Days of Being Wild 阿飛正傳
    1990 Dragon in Jail 獄中龍
    1990 The Fortune Code 富貴兵團
    1990 Gangland Odyssey 義膽雄心
    1990 God of Gamblers II 賭俠
    1990 A Home Too Far Actor
    1990 Island of Fire 火烧岛
    1990 Kawashima Yoshiko 川島芳子
    1990 Kung Fu vs Acrobatic 摩登如來神掌
    1990 A Moment Of Romance 天若有情
    1990 No Risk, No Gain
    (Casino Raiders - The Sequel) 至尊計狀元才
    1990 Return Engagement 再戰江湖
    1991 The Banquet 豪門夜宴
    1991 Casino Raiders 2 至尊無上II之永霸天下
    1991 Dance with the Dragon 與龍共舞
    1991 Don't Fool Me 中環英雄
    1991 Hong Kong Godfather 衝擊天子門生
    1991 The Last Blood 驚天十二小時
    1991 Lee Rock 五億探長雷洛傳: 雷老虎
    1991 Lee Rock II 五憶探長雷洛傳II: 父子情仇
    1991 Saviour of the Soul 九一神雕侠侣
    1991 The Tigers 五虎將之決裂
    1991 Tricky Brains 整蠱專家
    1991 Zodiac Killer 極道追蹤
    1992 Casino Tycoon 賭城大亨之新哥傳奇
    1992 Casino Tycoon 2 賭城大亨II之至尊無敵
    1992 Come Fly the Dragon 反斗马骝
    1992 Gameboy Kids 機Boy小子之真假威龍
    1992 Gun N' Rose Actor
    1992 Handsome Siblings 絕代雙驕
    1992 The Moon Warriors 戰神傳說
    1992 The Prince of Temple Street 廟街十二少
    1992 Saviour of the Soul 2 92神鵰俠侶:痴心情長劍
    1992 The Sting 俠聖
    1992 What a Hero! 嘩!英雄
    1993 Days of Tomorrow 天長地久
    1993 Future Cops 超級學校霸王
    1994 Drunken Master II 醉拳II
    1994 Drunken Master III 醉拳III
    1994 A Taste of Killing and Romance 殺手的童話
    1994 The Three Swordmen 刀劍笑
    1994 Tian Di 天與地
    1995 The Adventurers 大冒險家
    1995 Full Throttle 烈火戰車
    1996 What a Wonderful World 奇異旅程之真心愛生命
    1996 A Moment of Romance 3 天若有情Ⅲ之烽火佳人
    1996 Shanghai Grand 新上海灘
    1996 Thanks for Your Love 1/2次同床
    1997 Armageddon 天地雄心
    1997 Cause We Are So Young 求戀期
    1997 Made in Hong Kong 香港製造
    1997 Island of Greed 黑金
    1998 A True Mob Story 龍在江湖
    1998 The Conman 賭俠1999
    1999 Fascination Amour 愛情夢幻號
    1999 Prince Charming 黑馬王子
    1999 The Conmen In Vegas 賭俠大戰拉斯維加斯
    1999 Century of the Dragon 龍在邊緣
    1999 Running Out of Time 暗戰
    2000 The Duel 決戰紫禁之巔
    2000 Needing You 孤男寡女
    2000 A Fighter's Blues 阿虎
    2001 Love on a Diet 瘦身男女
    2001 Fulltime Killer 全職殺手
    2001 Dance of a Dream 愛君如夢
    2002 Fat Choi Spirit 嚦咕嚦咕新年財
    2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File 衛斯理藍血人
    2002 Infernal Affairs 無間道
    2002 Golden Chicken 金雞
    2003 Cat And Mouse 老鼠愛上貓
    2003 Give Them a Chance 給他們一個機會
    2003 Running on Karma 大隻佬
    2003 Infernal Affairs III 無間道III: 終極無間
    2003 Golden Chicken 2 金雞2
    2004 Magic Kitchen 魔幻廚房
    2004 Jiang Hu 江湖
    2004 McDull, Prince de la Bun 麥兜.菠蘿油王子
    2004 House of Flying Daggers 十面埋伏
    2004 Yesterday Once More 龍鳳鬥
    2004 A World Without Thieves 天下無賊
    2005 Wait 'Til You're Older 童夢奇緣
    2005 All About Love 再說一次我愛你
    2006 I'll Call You 得閒飲茶
    2006 A Battle of Wits 墨攻
    2007 Protégé 門徒
    2007 Brothers 兄弟
    2007 The Warlords 投名狀
    2008 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon 三國.見龍卸甲

    credits: wiki
  2. babs

    babs Well-Known Member

    i love andy lau!!! i've been a huge fan since i was a child
  3. my future hubby -inlove
  4. tien317

    tien317 Well-Known Member

    Not an Andy LAu fan but i admire his style as the 'Big Bro' of the industry and his profesionalisme in his career...



  5. terrylyf2112

    terrylyf2112 Member

    He is my role model since I was young. He made me feel proud to be a chinese. Keep up the good work Andy !!
  6. ekisha

    ekisha New Member

    i htae everything about him.
  7. Clumsynlazy

    Clumsynlazy Member

    He is multi talented and might even be considered a modern day Chinese renaissance man. I like both the movies that he stars in and the music that he makes.
  8. goddess

    goddess Well-Known Member

    U R #1

    He's still the best!!! -kiss1
  9. hermidude

    hermidude Well-Known Member

    I Wonder If He'd Ever Find A Wife.
  10. Benny Fu

    Benny Fu New Member

    Andy Admire

    I've been a huge fan since i was a child, He is also my role model since I was young and He made me feel proud to be a chinese. Keep up the good work Andy !! Go Andy Go Andy Go Andy Go.
  11. Benny Fu

    Benny Fu New Member

    He's a married man

    -noclue Andy Lau has a Malaysian wife and a son in Malaysia. Not many of the public knows.
  12. myway

    myway Active Member

    my all time favorite star
  13. nescafe

    nescafe Member

    acting is superb.talented.admire him....
  14. marlita

    marlita New Member

    Always love Andy Lau
  15. twetiopeia

    twetiopeia Active Member

    hes goo d actor and singer. damn the guy have a lot of CDs and films. he is fuken millionaire..
  16. Protagonist12

    Protagonist12 Member

    Andy has so many albums and movies!!!
  17. westkikass

    westkikass Active Member

    his jus good at everything.. acting, singing and not to mention his looks
  18. golden-pig27

    golden-pig27 Well-Known Member

    I've seen o lot of movies and series with him ....Good actor
  19. unclebuck888

    unclebuck888 Member

    i think hes married too i heard about it and she aint that pretty
  20. micalkl

    micalkl New Member

    The Best Andy Lau 刘德华
    working so hard and getting so many award 刘德华