Are you proud of being Chinese?

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Are you proud of being Chinese?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I don't care

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  1. hkm91450

    hkm91450 Well-Known Member

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  2. kdotc

    kdotc 안녕하세요빅뱅K-Dragon입니다

    come to toronto or vancouver and u'll b proud of being chinese
  3. hkm91450

    hkm91450 Well-Known Member

    ^ Yup, that's why I love Toronto and Vancouver so much. I've been to Toronto so many times, and I always get this feeling of "I belong" here, seeing all these Chinese people together (especially in Markham) and Chinese malls and stores and everything, I wish I lived here.

    Where I am, the Chinese people suck, so white-washed and hate their own race. :p But luckily, I've resisited being white-washed. Still purely yellow, super proud of it, and trying to keep it that way. :p
  4. DaProdigy_718

    DaProdigy_718 Well-Known Member

    hell yes im proud

    kdotc, haha its not the same where i live in new jersey, especially in my town. The chinese people and asians here are a str8 up disgrace.
  5. aussiekid

    aussiekid Well-Known Member

    WALAO.. ur fren is blind.. I'M SUPER PROUD OF BEING CHINESEEEEE...
    chinese ppl are one of the richest in the world.. we're smart business people.. we even are getting alot better in medical / research field.. look at SARS incident.. we chinese managed to control it well aft sometime.. WAT DID THE WHITE PEOPLE DO?
    CHINESE invented paper, pen and pencil etc FIRST (lol my frens n i keep tellin ppl that)... chinese is one of the best CONMEN lol..
    yes.. you want to be lead a simple life like most white people or europeans? look at aussies.. they're popular for being SIMPLE and LAZY. can't even late nite shopping during the whole week.. unlike we chinese in msia.. so hardworking.. then malays also like us adi.
    wat else.. CHINESE FOOOOOD.. omg.. there's so much types of chinese food you n i have never eaten before.. if u stay in china, doesn't mean u ve taste all chinese food.. many dialects have different ways of cookin chinese food.. msia and singapore have plenty of such ppl.. FOOOOD.
    perhaps you may say.. not proud of being CHINA chinese.. but generally a CHINESE.. you should be proud :)
    korean? LOL.. go to korea and u'll say i rather choose chinese.. their life in reality isn't so like the wonderland shown on koraen dramas..
    japanese? i juz love their fooood.. and i want go travelling there..
    nvm if u still insist.. chinese no good.. hopeless bla bla.. u go check on italians/europeans.. dun juz look for good things there.. u'll b shocked to know more bad stuffs.. be proud to be an Asian at least:)
    dun generalize.. perhaps some individuals are nice instead of the whole population being bad
  6. aussiekid

    aussiekid Well-Known Member

    also.. back then.. when george soros (duno the spelling).. attacked the whole asian economy .. and the world's too.. many rich businessman or politicians or ministers couldn't fight back..
    even japan was hopeless in that.. they had to save themselves etc.. they fell pretty badly..
    and who managed to stop him? chinese business men.. those rich fellas.. lee ka sing, stanley ho and many many more in hongkong ( i'm not sure bout china).. which made george stepped back in d end..
    i think so la..
  7. Sexygundam

    Sexygundam Well-Known Member


    I'M REALLY PROUD TO BE CHINESE! BUT!I can't believe she said that well she's wrong I'm really proud! we are unique, chinese people don't bash eat other they get a long well and chinese techno's really good she judt doesn't see it >.<
  8. dim8sum

    dim8sum ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪....

    I personally cant believe your friend.... -noclue

    1/6 of this earths population is Chinese, that in itself is pretty unique and amazing.
    Shes obviously quite ignorant in what she says, China is a growing country and soon it will be (if not already) a world superpower.
    Im sure that at least 1 item of clothing she is wearing or an object she posses will have the words "made in China"

    I have no time for these people who arent proud of their roots and their homeland...
  9. lynxd

    lynxd Well-Known Member

    lols that's true.. she can be proud of "made in China" ^^
    i feel sorry for her.....
  10. hkm91450

    hkm91450 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I was just about ready to punch her face, it's almost as if she was racist against her own race.
  11. U should give her a good hard slap!! :p

    Who isnt proud of chinese!? GrRr!!
  12. brown_bear

    brown_bear ☆‧° ☆﹒﹒‧ ☆ ﹒﹒‧☆‧° ☆

    yeh i am very proud to be chinese!!!! the amount of businesses going to china to do business such as HSBC bank (i think)
  13. dim8sum

    dim8sum ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪....

    lol yeh HSBC is a chinese bank
  14. Chinese ppl are the coolest!! And have t best food!! *Yummy*
  15. don

    don ello

    looks like everyone is proud to be chinese....i am too but i have to say that there are some that are very disgrace to chinese
  16. alphasiddon

    alphasiddon New Member

    damned proud to chinese

    I'm proud to be chinese because I AM chinese.
    You can't be proud of being another nationality if you are chinese.
    If you are chinese and not be proud of it then what are you?
    I'm proud of being chinese because of our diversity in people,culture,arts
    and geography.We're a people that clings to the old ways but yet very
    progressive in learning new ways.
  17. cyta

    cyta Member

    some times i am proud....
    somtimes im not
    it depends
  18. hkm91450

    hkm91450 Well-Known Member

    You'd be surprised... the Chinese where I live are sooo white-washed - they're bananas. :p

    Why not? Lol, were you the one who voted "no" :p -lol
  19. truekiss88

    truekiss88 Member

    yes, i really proud of it....

    but stimes when i saw those "country pumpkin" i really wanna *slap* them.......... fcking embrassssssing CHINESE!
  20. truekiss88

    truekiss88 Member


    yes yes, i agreed with u!