Are You Scared of Death?

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  1. ^ im a "dont assume your gona be alive tomorrow" kinda person, so its strange when people go on about what they are gona do in a few weeks or get all exited over a game that will be released in a few months...

    i dont do the list stuff, after the list there will be a new list, a human being can never be satisfied.
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    ^ isn't that what you do geting overexcited about a game? :p
  3. ^ sure, but i dont assume ill definitely be around to play it, ive expressed this a few times already -noclue.

    like FF13, i would like to give that a shot, but am i gona be around to play it when its released spring next year.. i really dont know... and you dont know if youll be around either unless you see into the future -sorc
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    ^ haha the oracle would be nice but shame nothing like ihs exists... well not sure hahahaaaa
    i'm jsut looking forward to go home next week.. only thing to look forward to in life but then dunno if i may get there or not puahaha
  5. God willing you will go home next week.
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    ^ since when did you turn into God's messenger? :p
  7. ohh i get what you mean there lol :nuts:

    here, read from the Word itself and youll understand what i mean, im using a modern English translation as it will be easier for you to understand, i use kjv but the old english is pretty tough if your not used to it.

    actually all Christians are messengers but i see you didn't mean it in that way but rather me having some special word that you will make it home next week which wasn't what i meant.:nono:
  8. anyways, back on topic.

    in my opinion, and in the opinion of many other views and religious beliefs, death is merely an event where the human spirit (others may call soul) leaves for a new plane of existance, one which allows them to continue their learning journey.

    whether death occurs by means of force (suicide, murder, accident) or by means of natural causes, death merely serves as the medium from our reality to the next plane of existence.

    death is part of our journey, what we have to look for, is not death itself, but rather whatever that is at the end of the tunnel.

    although i am not afraid of death itself, i am afraid of not being alive long enough to learn the lessons that was meant for me to learn in this life.
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    am surprised my topic has spawned 7 pages since inception. Lots of interesting discussion on here.
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    Hehe, this topics has no ending i think.. since the life after death was the biggest question that playing in human mind since the beginning.. :)
    They even said that people creates religion b'coz people afraid of being parish when he die, and makes a theory of "hey.. calm down, i see there's life after u die" what do u think??

    Anyway, I like the "what makes ur life precious is when u realize that u're not gonna lives forever.. If u're immortal. u're never valuing ur life". Living ur life every single days...
  11. hmm i didn't want to die before my grandmother because i wouldnt want her to go through the burden. but considering how bad my mother took her death i think the death of one of her children would send her to a loony bin. so i guess if i was on my way out i would be extremely worried about her.
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    I'm not scared of dying, I'm just scared of getting old. I want to be young for longer :( Not being able to move your limbs properly when your aged scares me, since I haven't done much with my life yet at 23, because I can't afford to. Sad really!

    And like master_g said, the way my mum reacted to her mothers (my grandmothers) death makes me really scared of hers...I think about it everyday - I'm really close to her, and I think I would loose it when she goes.. it's so horrible. I want to go before she does - even though that is selfish I guess :(
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    Why scare? Always be ready and be prepare for your time come or you'll have too many regrets.
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    i think i would be scare if i get killed however if it's just not something like stab. then i am not as scared. if i die, i rather die fast. XD
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    I am not scared of a quick death or just death without knowing. I like quick one without pain. =)P
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    "Every man must do two things alone, he must do his own believing and his own dying."

    - Martin Luther
  17. ^ but are you scared?? :p
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    I'm kinda sad, I missed this discussion...

    But when I read the top post and the subsequent posts, it really made me think of something I read once. They said that Hindus defined suffering as "an attachment". You suffer because you have an attachment to something you don't want to lose. It seems that perhaps you don't fear death because you have no attachments that you can't let go of. In a way, that's every spiritual.

    I think I used to feel the same way, however since having a son, I know that I don't want to die now as I don't want to leave him. Maybe I would feel differently when he's older. I guess, I don't fear insomuch as I fear being away from my loved ones, especially the ones that rely on me to take care of them.
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    Yeah, death is quite scary although its an inevitable thing. Dying peacefully is the perfect scenario rather than suffering with a terminal disease like cancer.
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    nope, i'm not scared of death.
    no one can escape it either, so live everyday like its the last day of your life.