Are You Scared of Death?

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  1. Vinnie_boy

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    I, myself, is scared of death but not to the point where i try and stay alive no matter what. Death is scary but life is scarier to be honest, cos the last thing i would want is to be alive but in pain (in that case i would peobably rather die) and its so unpredicatable what would happen to you within the next minute/second of your life which ,akes it so scary!! lol dunno if that made sense but it did to me.

    But i dont think about dying or living too deeply instead i think it this way - I live when i live, and i die when i die that is there is to it!!
  2. alupin79

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    Accidental death and you have no time to thing about it. If you been diagnose with a terminal disease, then there is no point in thinking about it because there is simply nothing you can do. Sure you can be afraid, but it won't change the fact that you will die. After that, it just like on how you live your life. If you a full pessimist, you will think about suicide. If you are optimistic in your life, you will live the remaning to your fullest. I, for myself, I expect to die one day and I don't think I have a long life anyway. But I will live out so that when that time come, I have no regret.

    "Do not fear death. Death is always at your side. When you show fear, it will spring at you faster than light. If you do not show fear, it will only gently look over you... " - Bull, Cowboy Bebop
  3. xunx

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    die hmmm, i don't mind dieing at all, but i surely don't wan to die in a accident.. i don't wan to die in pain but prefer a peaceful dead in my sleep...but before that i wan to spend time with my love one first xD that my only wish and again we never know when will death come..
  4. i bet there are some 70 year olds who don't consider themselves lucky, with good health you can consider yourself lucky.
  5. datguyEX

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    honestly, when ou think about ir clearly it is scary! i do get scared now and then but then if you think about it again and again its not so bad, i mean you would only be in like a sleeping-mode for a long time right? thats what i tell myself not to get scared
  6. KilaKilaGirl

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    well, as long as you dont die as a virgin then there is notthing to be afraid of. Otherwise, I cant imagine a word for that.
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    hmm... im not scared of death right now cuz im young... but im pretty sure that when people get old, everyone's afraid of dying...
  8. Sayrin

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    0, i<m not..but i can't really say..'cause i never really faced death..
  9. turbobenx

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    death isnt that scary if it's not painful.
  10. D-Kimbo

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    death is nothing to be afraid of.....its inevitable

    for me, death without accomplishing everything I wanted to in life....thats what im afraid of
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    Well, if there is a time limit where u know u going to die in a specific time, you will be scared a first, but as moment past, you will soon realise that ur time is up, so do all the things you want to do and try to be as beneficial as possible. Well if u are involved in any car accident or anything else, you will be rarely thinking of death, but instead, you don't wanna feel this pain anymore or in some case, no more thinking at all, "poof" u are gone from this world to some unknown place, may it be heaven or wherever u are destined.

    So, why to fear death? When time comes, it's time up, And the only time u will exactly fear death is when u know when u are going to die and u have grudges on some stuff like attachment to a person, things or events and so on.
  13. wysandman

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    Personally I would be, because there are so many things I wanna do, but won't have chance.
    But it is human nature to be afraid of dying.
  14. hiyoo

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    yup i would be too
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  15. cignalc

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    yes i do
    if i have a wife then i'll make her sad and give her big burden.
    if i have children then they will be very pitiful.
    if my parents are still alive, i'll give them a big shock and sadness.
    if i don't have any family, i'll be very happy to close my eyes forever.
  16. Punyu

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    No xD, i know i am going to die :x
  17. jklee369

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    Do you really think that you can look at it logically when you are told that you are going to die? We humans are irrational after all, our emotions would come to play.

    Initially i probably be scared and thinking why me, but hopefully with time i will come to learn to accept it and if faced with this unfortunate circumstance i would want to make the most out of my remaining lifespan, a bit like the Bucket list film
  18. themvp

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    Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die. NO one can escape death so why afraid?
  19. negiqboyz

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    Well, death is not an option, it's inevitable. Quite frankly, I am scare of death. There are so many things I still wanna do that haven't done yet. I don't wanna leave my love ones yet too. I'll be in self-denial to say that I am not afraid of death.
  20. monokuro

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    im not scared of death as such... just scared of what potential my life holds, like how some people can become famous at young age or later age for being a genius in some category, what would my life develop into in the next 10yrs or more? what things can i achieve within this amount of time? no one knows. im also afraid of the whole world and life being a lie, a fake... everyone you've met, everything you've touched, seen, smelt, heard etc. not really existing.

    i also had the thought of parallel universe like, how you die but you don't die...? in one world you are alive, u survived after an accident/disease or whatever and living with everyone/everything.. in the other world you are dead and people are living without you.. also multiple universes of what you would've or could've become if u made a different choice in life.. and usually all of this makes me think back to Jet Li in 'The One' movie XD