Are You Scared of Death?

Discussion in 'Philosophy & Religion' started by fearless_fx, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Biying

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    Very much, having no religion, so i donøt know what is waiting for me.
  2. doilathe388

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    i dont mind dying..or scared but it depends on how i die..n i really wana make sure i get the things i want to do done b4 i die..
  3. you will never reach a point were there s nothing you want to do, there will always be something you want to do but you wont be able to do it.
  4. sunnydaiz

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    Some religions hint that death is a very bad experience, like a turtle being ripped out of its shell.. but some who've gone thru near death experiences seem to say that it's liberating. But anyway, those are near-death and not actual death. It's the unknown that's scary.
  5. gawain187

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    Well, if death does come, then theres nothing left to do but to embrace it and accept it
  6. mick87

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    i'm scared of death.... dunno izzit true that there's afterlife.... or i'll be seeing all black without any sense
  7. Konchence

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    I guess that depends whether I was satisfied with my life or not. If I have served my time well on Earth and have accomplished most of my "life goals" then no, I won't be afraid of dying. However, if I know that I'll be dead by 18, then yes, I will be scared. It also depends on the type of death I will endure...painful, peaceful and so on.
  8. Dark-X

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    Nop not afraid of death. But i do want to accomplish something in life.
    "Each generation will reap what the former generation has sown."
  9. yiubun

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    I was just about to type the same thing!!
    Death is not as painful to the one who dies,
    but to all the beloved ones. family and friends
  10. Wasabi86

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    i guess im still kinda young so it is scary to think about death... but if i reach say 80 something... achieved most of the stuff i want in life... i guess my mission on earth is done..
    only thing i'll be uneasy about is how one person's death affect other people's lives~
  11. MissCheekS

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    i guess i am a bit selfish..... im more scared of people i love leavin me....
    i prefer losing my own life over not being able to see the ppl i love
  12. death doesn't bother me as i look at it differently, my grandmother who i was far closer to than my own mother or any other person died last week but she was a strong Christian who set a good example for me to follow, because of that i know ill see her again anyway (providng I stay on the narrow path). so no more pain or suffereing for her in exchange for me not being able to see her until I myself die.

    For me the worst part is watching everyone else be upset, then many times they will see you and expect you to be equally upset with them as they cant comprehend that you dont see things the same way they do.

    tough situation.
  13. laikinyan

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  14. matethemouse

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    I remember a line in a Dragonlance book (any1 read this?) I had long time ago:
    "It's better to greet Death as a long awaiting friend when he came, then be afraid of him as a slowly moving assassin waiting to stab your back".
  15. burpyierz

    burpyierz Well-Known Member

    i am scared of death, actually im more scared of death by ageing, what would i be if i were 70 or 80+ years old and my body so weak ....

  16. yeah i would rather die before my wife dies and i certainly wouldn't want to see my own children die.
  17. burpyierz

    burpyierz Well-Known Member

    i rather die after my wife, i don't want her to feel the pain to see me going away and be lonely without me
    i rather take all the pain for me
  18. karsun118

    karsun118 Well-Known Member

    I'm scared of death to be honest. I understand it's fully a part of life but the unknown and unexpected can't stop me from wondering.

    Ironically I'm not afraid to die now (not in a suicidal way) but maybe that's because I'm young. I'm just scared of dying in the future. Like some have said before, my true fear is of getting old and waiting for the inevitability because once it happens, even if it happens now, I won't have to wonder anymore.

    Being a Christian I do believe in the afterlife so I do find a little comfort in that knowledge but still I can't help but wonder, every day you are one step closer to death, your heart only has a certain number of beats it can make, and you may not wake up. Or something else might happen to you, who knows...
  19. runni66arun

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    Death, If you think about it will haunt you.
  20. AC0110

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    Well, I don't mind dying...
    I wouldn't die on purpose obviously, but lets say if I die right now, I honestly wouldn't mind (Just make sure it's quick)...
    and yea, it'll hurt more to those that are around you... -_-