Are You Scared of Death?

Discussion in 'Philosophy & Religion' started by fearless_fx, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. KilaKilaGirl

    KilaKilaGirl Well-Known Member

    Don't die as a virgin then there's nothing to be afraid of death.
  2. endlessluv42

    endlessluv42 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I am afraid of death. And how I will die and will come after death.
  3. wysandman

    wysandman Well-Known Member

    yes, i am afraid of death mainly because we don't know whats gonna happen after we die and that just kinda depressing.
  4. Natsu

    Natsu Well-Known Member

    when i was little, i was really curious of whats gonna happen when i die, what would it be like and whether i can feel myself without a body, like would my mind be filtering through time and space and be aware consciously and etc etc but now i just live life as it is and see what things can throw at me
  5. jackycheunglove

    jackycheunglove Active Member

    in my studies i've come to believe that death is just the beginning of a new part in a circle.. the circle being your existance of life on this earth

    when death comes, simply embrace it as there is nothing you can do about it
  6. mobidoo

    mobidoo Well-Known Member

    If there is "Nothing" then how can we account for the real percievable environment we dwelll in ?

    Or lets say say we are all "bundles" of energy. Energy at its rawest form, simply does not disappear and that view is validated by science provided we keep the multidimensional world concept out of this present conversation now.

    Wise perception from you indeed. But let's just make this conversation a tad more interesting. What makes us so sure now that we are "something" ?

    Perhaps this conciousness we have now could be dreamt up just like the way when we sleep and when we dream.

    So perhaps I think the answers does not lie if we are "something" or "nothing". I am of the view that we do the best we can here to figure it out but the oceans of wisdom that we can explore now is so vastly wide. So where do we start ?

    Any idea anyone ?
  7. Meteor

    Meteor New Member

    No, I'm not afraid of death. I do not believe that there is anything after death, so there is nothing to fear but I am afraid of how I'm going to die (no, slow and painful death, please).
  8. xdly

    xdly Well-Known Member

    im not scared of my own death... but scared of death of family and friends... especially when they're young and sick.....

    AARONBOEYKHG Well-Known Member

    did scared by the thought of losing everything I know or have in this I had a was a glimpse of suddenly heart stops...can't see or hear and breath,it's like a tv being turn off,it's really scared the hell outta me but it's a over after I saw ghost once and convince that there are more things out there after death but that's another story
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  10. bbgirlsum

    bbgirlsum Well-Known Member

    surprisingly im not scared of death as long as its a peaceful and non painful one... coz im scared of being hurt or being in pain lol
    but im intrigued by what comes after life lol... being a ghost? recarnation? nothing? no one knows...
  11. sometimes i do think what comes next after my death.. is it then forever over? then i find out how happy i am actully.. and if i am scared for death? i think you can only truely answer that if you are in that situation...
  12. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    i think everyone is deep down but they don't realize their fear.
  13. [mJ9]

    [mJ9] Well-Known Member

    Sometimes yes,sometimes no...
    Yes because i'm scared of living my loved ones and No because i'm very curious of my 'afterlife',whether it is kinda the same as we had lived to believe(god,hell,paradise...)
  14. there's really nothing to be scared about.. cause when it happens.. it's gonna hit you so fast.. you're not gonna realize it..
  15. ^ if you get hit by a car or something like that then it will be quick, you prolly wont even realise you got killed for a bit, if you have a disease or are left in critical condition then death will be slow and most of time it will also be painful.

    death is instant but dying can happen over a long period when you feel the very life draining from you.
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  16. ^ yup yup, you could possibly die before your next post
  17. fearless_fx

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    ^ I definitely agr
  18. false. Didn't Happen.. Still here.. :shifty:

    person below me will die before he finishes typing..
  19. EON

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    What are u going to do about it? We all goin to die one day.