Are You Scared of Death?

Discussion in 'Philosophy & Religion' started by fearless_fx, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. ^ Dont lie.. your serious -shock
  2. Uvio

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    No need to fear as the curiosity of what happen after death should be enough of saying whats the point of afriad, when in fact there is no need to. If there is such a thing as pass life, most of us can't even remeber it. I say live and let's live till death takes us apart from this place yahoo lol :)
  3. ^ nice nice, your engrish cracked me up :p
  4. calvinjai

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    I kind of agree with you that deep down everybody is afraid, cause if we think about death like this, then really there is nothing to be afraid of. Death is inevitable, there's a new beginning so nothing to worry about etc etc, but when the time comes for us to die, i think instinctively we will be afraid. The brain will send panic signals, pump adrenaline, activate fight/flight signals to prevent death. All those natural responses would add up to a sudden surge of alertness and fear.

    But for slow long deaths like sicknesses, I don't think that applies.
  5. NewEra

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    Im not afraid of death itself, but I am afraid to think about sleeping for an eternity.
    In life all the things you need to do is breathe and die.
  6. ^ maybe you wont be sleeping?
  7. bbgirlsum

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    ^ when you're dead, you LOOK like you're sleeping lol but ALOT more pale lol
  8. ^maybe, but some say we have a spirit, and maybe that lives on, kinda like them people who say they die on the operating table and say they were walking about and can give details etc before being resuscitated etc.. just a thought
  9. cignalc

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    we, human has the heart n feeling
    and i hate the feeling of "love"
    it gives us more heartache than happiness
    it always the goodbye await at the cross road ahead when the first met begin
  10. [mJ9]

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    Love is a great emotion but it can hurt sometimes, however we have a heart and we have to love people
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    lol this thread is dug back up? :p
  12. ^ this is one of the topics that everyone has an opinion on so it will always get necroed, aint u found the ghost one yet?

    Cant believe i first posted in this thread almost 2 years ago, time flys.. or maybe not
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    ^ no not yet.. i should actually dig it out now lol
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    What is important to us is pleasure. Pleasure is the absent of pain. Humans do everything to prevent pain. The world is made up of atoms and when we're dead the atoms will still be there. We are not here when death is. We do not feel any pain when we're dead. Therefore, death is nothing to us.
  15. some people live lives of poverty and enjoy it, like those nuns for example, some of them flog themselves etc, im sure it hurts. some people find a lot of pleasure in pain, like the sadomasochistic types. as for what happens when you die, you would be better saying "you believe.." rather than making an absolute statement with no fact or experience to back it up, then having the cheek to make a conclusion. If you look a little you'll find many testimonies from people who die or flatline and get resuscitated.

    your post was dumb, but I give you an 8/10 for trying to sound smart.
  16. Brumby

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    I think it is not a case of when you go (as no one can aoid it) but rather how you go.
  17. Uvio

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    Ah,,,shit happens. But we have to face it one of these day if we aware it or not but like someone had said I just hope I have done eveything I wanted b4 the time comes.
  18. to tell you the truth i don't think anyone is ever really satisfied to go... i know if i don't get kristin kreuk, hyori lee, jessica alba and Stephy in a fivesome with me i don't think i'll be ever satisfied to go... :shifty:
  19. ^ahh but this isnt about satisfaction, its about being afraid or not -kekemad