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    Real Name : Kim Ho Kyung
    Date of birth : April 4th, 1983
    Education : Gyeongnam University
    Height : 181cm
    Weight : 68kg
    Place of birth : Ulsan
    Blood type : A
    Hobbies : Graffiti, computer games, reading comic books, basketball, movies
    Talent : Playing drums
    Official website :
    Debut : The First Journey(1st album), 2004


    Our featured artist this week is Tei. Tei's real name is Kim Ho Kyung. He adopted a stage name "Tei" to be close to his fans. In French, Te means you. So Tei means You and I. Tei's voice is easily recognizable. It is low and husky, but not as low as Park Hyo Shin and Lim Jae Bum. With this unique voice, he is very good at singing emotional ballads.

    Tei's debut was an overnight success in 2004. The title song "Scent of Love" from his first album "The First Journey" spent 5 weeks at No. 1 on MBC's Music Camp top 50 chart. That's a record for a new artist. Many fans are starting to recognize the name Tei. The follow up hit "Resemblance" was also a top 5 hit.

    Tei released his 2nd album in January 2005. The title song "Love Is...The One" reached No. 1 in many charts again, and it made another record - it became the only song to debut at No. 1 on our soompi weekly chart. That record still holds to this date. Another song "Falling in love with the memory tree" also went to No. 2. Also, the song "I am Sorry" was later covered by Hong Kong singer Kenny Kwan. In terms of popular songs, this album is considered his most successful album so far.

    Late in 2005, Tei released his 3rd album "Crazy For Love" with the title song "Cry For Affection". Needless to say, this is another No. 1 song for Tei. Up to now the title song from each of his 3 albums have reached No. 1.

    Recently, Tei released his 4th album "Lover". The title song "Same Pillow" is climbing up the charts now. With his previous track record, fans expect this song to hit No. 1 again. In my opinion, "Same Pillow" is Tei's best song so far. Early in his career, his songs are more R&B oriented. But with many similar singers and songs in k-pop in recent years, Tei is more pop oriented now.

    Despite Tei's success on the music charts, his album is not considered high sellers. He is still an underrated artist, partly because his album releases are usually in Winter months after all the year end award ceremonies. May be that's why we never saw Tei's name being nominated for year end awards.


    The First Journey (1st album, 2004) : Scent of Love, Resemblance, Recollections, Why, Another Love, Falling in Love, Does Love Change

    Tei II (2nd album, 2005) : One Day, Love Is...The One, Stay With Me, I’m Sorry, Falling In Love With The Memory Tree

    Crazy For Love (3rd album, 2005) : Ice Doll, Cry For Affection, You Smell So Nice, The Words I’d Like to Give to You, Crazy in Love

    Lover (4th album, 2007) : Same Pillow
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    One of my favorite singers!!! Talented AND hot (albeit with plastic surgery)