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    English Name: Rain
    Hangul: 정지훈
    Hanja: 鄭智薰
    Revised Romanization: Jeong Ji-Hoon
    Also known as Bi (비) / Pi (ピ) / Yu (雨)
    Birthday: June 25,1982
    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
    Weight:74 kg
    Height: 184 cm
    Blood Type: O
    Favorite Color: White, Black
    Education: Post modern music department, Kyung Hee University
    Favorite Actor: Charlie Chaplin, Hahn Suk-kyu
    Favorite Genre: R&B, hip-hop, funk
    Favorite Sport: Basketball, swimming
    Favorite Artist: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher
    Hobby: Movies, music, collecting shoes and clothes
    Special skills: Sing, dancing, acting
    Genre(s) Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B
    Occupation(s) Singer, Actor, Dancer, Model
    Label(s) JYP Entertainment, King Records


    [2006] I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK

    Television series
    [2002] Orange (오렌지)
    [2003] Sang Doo! Let's Go To School (상두야 학교가자!)
    [2004] Full House (풀하우스)
    [2005] A Love To Kill (이 죽일놈의 사랑)

    [2005] DOHC Clothing Line (Korea)
    [2005] Pantech Mobile Phone (China)
    [2006] DHC Cosmetics Career (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan)
    [2006] Pepsi (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan)
    [2006] Ralph Lauren
    [2006] BMW (Korea)
    [2006] Giordano (Korea)
    [2006] XTM (Korea)
    [2006] LG X-Note (Korea)
    [2002-] SK Telecom, Nate (Korea)
    [2006] Daewon Cantaville (APT) (Korea)
    [2006] KB Star Card (Korea)
    [2006] Dutch Mill (Thailand)
    [2006] Today's Tea (Korea)
    [2007] O Hui for Man (Korea)

    Vol 1 Bad Guy
    Released: May 13, 2002
    Language: Korean
    雨 - Rain
    악수 - Hand Shake
    나쁜 남자 - Bad Guy
    나 - Me
    익숙치 않아서 - Can't Get Used to It
    Baby Baby
    안녕이란 말 대신 - Instead of Saying Goodbye
    너처럼 featuring Sea - Like You
    나론 안되니 - Am I Not Good Enough
    왜 - Why
    What's Love featuring Danny, Lexy, and JYP

    2nd Vol 2 Rain
    Released: October 16, 2003
    Language: Korean
    알면서 - You Already Knew
    난 또 니가 좋은거야 - Why Do I Love You Again
    왜 하필 - How Come
    나에게 너는 - I to You
    너마저 - Even You
    내가 유명해지니 좋니 - Do You Love Me Or My Fame
    태양을 피하는 방법 [Radio Mix] - Ways To Avoid The Sun
    화성에서 온 남자 금성에서 온 여자 - Me
    아쉬운 빈 공간 - The Empty Space
    안녕이란 말대신 Remix - Instead of Goodbye
    태양을 피하는 방법 - Ways To Avoid The Sun
    태양이 떠도 - Even When The Sun Rises

    3rd Vol 3 It's Raining
    Released: October 10, 2004
    Language: Korean
    하고 싶었던 말 - Words I wanted to say
    It's Raining
    I Do
    Familiar Face
    11 Days
    My Groove
    난 - I
    Biggest Thing
    Wanna Talk
    But I Love You
    찾아요 - I'm Searching
    No No No
    To You
    I Love You
    It's Raining (making the video)

    4th Vol 4 Rain's World
    Released: October 14, 2006
    Language: Korean
    Rain's World
    I'm Coming (feat.Tablo)
    With U
    In My Bed
    Not A Single Day
    Cassiopeia ft Lim Jeong Hee
    Him & Me Ft Dynamic Duo
    Don't Stop
    Touch Ya ft C-Luv
    Move On
    Oh Yeah! ft A.I.
    Friends ft Tiger Jk
    To My Friends
    나 [Me] (B-Garage Remix)

    Korean singles
    나쁜 남자 Bad Guy - Released 2002
    악수 Hand Shake - Released 2002
    태양을 피하는 방법 Ways To Avoid The Sun Released 2003
    안녕이란 말대신 Instead of Saying Goodbye - Released 2003
    It's Raining - Released 2004
    I Do - Released 2004
    Still Believe - Released April 2006
    I'm Coming - Released October 2006
    In My Bed Released November 2006
    With U Released December 2006/January 2007 - due to scheduling a proper music video was never made. Instead clips from the movie were used instead.

    Japanese albums
    Released: September 13, 2006
    Language: Japanese
    Free Way
    Oh yeah!feat.AI
    Sad Tango
    Move On
    Baby baby
    feel so right
    Without you
    Because of you
    Props in my life
    Sad Tango Eng. ver.
    Free Way ~STY Gin n’Tonic Remix~

    Japanese singles
    1. Sad Tango - Released January 25, 2006
    2. Free Way - Released June 7, 2006
    3. Move On - Released September 6, 2006
    4. I Do (Japanese version) - Released November 26, 2006

    Chinese singles
    1. 手記 | Memory In My Hand - Released January 2006

    English Duet
    1. "Man Up" (Omarion Ft. Rain) - Album: 21 (European version) - Released December 26, 2006
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    I love Rain <3

    I have all 4 of his Korean Albums and I have three of his boxed DVD series (Sang Doo!, Full House, Love to Kill), and I went to his World Tour Concert :O <3 He is teh awesome. XP!

    I really love his smile too ;-; So cute! Loved his image in "A Love to Kill" <3

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    rain coming in bangkok

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  4. thehay

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    rain is hottness.. lol. i cant believe i missed his rains coming tour in sydney.. and apparently they were handing out free tix.. *dies* i loved him in full house... he was cute! hahaha.. but i love his rains world album as well.. great songs
  5. sweetchocolates

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    yes..rain is hotness!!! hahahaha!!! i love his vol.4 album!!!

    i would love to see him perform on stage. ^_^
  6. i don't really bi rain he ok but he is cute
  7. ironkain

    ironkain Member

    RAin, listen to me !! Come to France please ^^. i'd like to see your performance on stage. See Ya
  8. bell3442

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    i think rain is okay, not the best singer in the korean industry but i am happy for him since he is really popular...but i do prefer him over se7en....dont like se7en
  9. kdotc

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    rain's concert in toronto is canceled HAHAHAHAHA
  10. honkiebonkie

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    too rainy? haha
  11. ding911

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    oh snap!! i just love him!! too cute... too cute...
  12. kymchan

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    he looked so hott in Sad Tango mv, my fave song of him
  13. shortxswt

    shortxswt Well-Known Member

    That's my favorite song too.
  14. Kachi_no_Kemuri

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    Wow nice!!!!

    Gam si hap ni da!!!
  15. applex3

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    Rain was so cool in "A love to kill" his hairstyle was good too =]
  16. sumyee

    sumyee Member

    i like how he acts in "full house," that's my favorite k-drama so far
  17. cheeesecake

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    I Love His Songs.
    Esp Sad Tango English Version.
    Soo Hot
  18. teresarh

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    rain's alright..he's acting is good and that would be it for me..
  19. Kaitou_Kid

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    i love rain's dances! he just wears less and less with every move <3