Bobby or Michael

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Bobby or Michael?

  1. Bobby

    62 vote(s)
  2. Michael

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  1. Nirvania

    Nirvania I'm BRACK!?

    If Jessica wanted you to help her choose

    between Michael and Bobby, who would

    you choose and why?
  2. Michael... coz he's better looking... i mean how can u be with someone when u dun even wanna imagine him naked... ewww *shivers*
  3. she will be more happy with bobby because micheal will end up in jail or deadl or something cause he so evil!! bobby is the right choice.
  4. ed5354

    ed5354 Member

    i say michael
  5. hmmm... but Bobby's the one that got shot if u haven't noticed when the theme song was playing...
  6. Nirvania

    Nirvania I'm BRACK!?

    well, she did do it with michael............twice.......
  7. hmmmm... lucky her... n i couldn't even watch her kissing Bobby hahaha... i was like ewwwww *hits fast forward*
  8. don

    don ello

    yeah so she just might as well go with the evil michael;)
  9. ktvb

    ktvb Member

    At first I realllly wanted Jessica to be with Michael cos they look so good together~ and he was wayyyy coool. Bobby and Jessica get along so well though that I think they would make great buddies than lovers. But after watching episode 19 (today) I hate Michael's character!!!! REALLY hate him so much, I hope Jessica end up with Bobby because Michael is too evil, even though he got in the mess because he loved Jessica so much.
  10. happii

    happii Well-Known Member

    Bobby is rite person for her but somehow i don't think she deserve bobby cos bobby treat her too nice n always make her happy n she kept cheating on him with michael while going out with bobby, i really feel sorry for bobby.
  11. JuliaC

    JuliaC New Member

    ahahh i choose Bobby..ahha i think hes doing a good job in this series...ahhhaha and i dun like michael's character in this series soo evil ><"
  12. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    Micheal looks better with her :p but she should choose Bobby cause Micheal's evil <_<

    Bobby's winning the poll lol.
    Wow there are so many threads about dicey business.
  13. kenix41

    kenix41 Member

    although Michael and Jessica looks good together... i think Bobby will be able to give happiness to Jessica. Michael causes too much pain for Jessica I think.

    But I have to say all three of them, as well as Bosco Wong and Ben Hung (think that he's name!) have done a brilliant job in terms of their acting! Excellent!
    Can't believe it be finished by tomorrow! :O(
  14. Bobby all the way!! Coz Michael is so pei pay, I kno he has his reasons..but he's takin it too far >.< Plus bobby is funny ^^
  15. thisxboy

    thisxboy Active Member

    bobby wont die because if u watch eps 30 after the credits it shows bobby and michael doing a final show hand showdown for jessica
  16. S0yS4uc323

    S0yS4uc323 Member

    i would choose bobby because he's a down to earth guy and michael on the other hand is willing to do anything for his own benefit, he risked and betrayed his friends, and even bosco
  17. aznsmiley

    aznsmiley Member

    even though bobby has a huge stomach... he is still loving... I hate Michael just becuase of his evil act. He's so mean to his best friends... He used Jessica to help him succeed... IF this was in real life... I wish him dead. *sorry to offend anyone who wish Michael was the man for Jess*
  18. tamagodaisuki

    i think she loved micheal at 1st for money and his looks. then when she was w/ bobby, their feelings were developed from friendship into love. after bobby left her, she felt really guilty, so i think she realizes she loves bobby more. at least this is what i hope.......we'll find out tomorrow who she ends up w/ excited!!
  19. KandyKidx

    KandyKidx Well-Known Member

    I don't think she deserve any of them. She deserves no one. She deserve to be on her own for the rest of her life.. muahahaaa. She doesn't deserve the heart-breaking Bobby after cheating on him TWICE.. she doesn't deserve Michael either but mainly because Michael's evil lol xD.
    Anyway, she DESERVES NOOO ONE. 'Nuff said.
  20. mandalin2002

    mandalin2002 New Member

    The thing is, Michael never purposely hurt her and even gave up practically everything to save her. He is more "evil" and cruel than Bobby, but I think he has the excitement and romance that she's always been looking for.