Charmaine Sheh's Character So Far .

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  1. RockkxD

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    She becoming evil but it might change =P.
  2. Valkrezy

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    I don't think she is evil at all.
  3. foxkids

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    its just the situation that change her.
    hatred fills her heart
    basically she's good :D
  4. qoo2828

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    her acting was pretty good in ep 43-44.. all the emo scenes.... compare tht to toby!!! lol
  5. liquidzyklon

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    lol, I think over half the people on this bored can act better than Toby. But she's definitely new, so eventually she'll get better...
  6. RockkxD

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    Hope so, toby is not that bad..
  7. Maestro

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    hahahas. sure or not? but actually it's not too bad though.
  8. poonsailueng

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    reflection of charmaine's acting

    I have seen quite a few series with her acting in them and honestly, i really dislike her as an actor for a few reasons. I think her acting is fairly cheezy. Its like she plays this overly good girl personality, when in reality she is probablly high maintenance and mean in real life. Second I think she is very unattractive. Her mouth just bugs me when she tries to smile or something... its HUGE. Her upper lip is just extra long.. if you watch the series... you will notice its super long and its very unattractive to look at when she forces her mouth to shut.. ie.. crying etc.

    Everyone else in the cast is good. Jennifer Hsuan is just a really attractive and sexy lady and myolie....omg she is my dream gf.
  9. rockman3

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    Well first of all is not Jennifer Hsuan, but Jessica Hsuan lol.... Well you just cant judge her face and just say that her acting is no good. To really compare, we could just look at the past dramas she had acted... IN the sense I do think her ACTING skills had improved greatly compare to the time when she just started acting. Back then, her acting was really bad and expressionless.. But at least now her acting had improved....
  10. Espresso Bunny

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    ^^ Agreed, most people cannot tell about acting. She is terrible still and her tones and expression seem the same. Modern or present time! You can tell how ROCKY acts, and he's terrible as well.

    Toby is not a bad actor, she over does it by a lot which make it seem like she can't act. She had her own series with Ron in the Men's Pain. She's alright, but I don't like her style either.
  11. SUSIE-DANG-1988


    i like her in every series she's been on. :)
    I felt sorry when her mum died and she was on her own, but lucky raymond was there for her. ^_^
  12. tien317

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    Silly characters of taking revenge...acting Okay la...
  13. gday

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    she sure is getting annoying because it’s a dumb reason shes being evil now. Coz its not even wa familys fault of her motheres death.
  14. qoo2828

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    another thing is.... she always seems to have the same roles... over and over again.... so kidna repeptitive sometimes... like u can predict what she does SOO easily
  15. tamagodaisuki

    i knew she would never be evil cause in the beginning in the 1st ep, she was with raymond b4 the flashback to start the whole series
  16. Jupi

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    hmm I think many of u guys are off topic sorry to say that but some ppl complain about charm take the same kind of roles is not related to this topic. anyway for those who write that i think is not true at all I think she is one of the actress in TVB that have tried most different roles, she is so wide in her acting also charm have said it she like to take those roles that is challangeing and those she haven't portrayed before. like WAB she was kind of evil but not really and in HDSD she was evil in the end she get her memory lost so turnd good again. in FFOSM she was a very innocent girl and pitty too in Country spirit she has a very stong character that won't give up on her self and life, in YY she was very mature, in ROTC she was a tomboy, in AOM she was kicking as and stong, ect. that is wide and not same kind of roles.
    anyway I really like Sau Fung I think charm have made a great jon in portraying this character also I think that charm have peeked to another level in acting ^^
  17. zero_c

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    You can say that about every actress in every entertainment circle.

    You do know Myolie was voted as the most repulsive actress, here is a link:

    Contrary to what you think there are a lot more people that think Charmaine is better looking that Myolie than the other way around
  18. Arctic_fire

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  19. Cskills

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    Charmaine > Myolie in terms of looks and acting.

    Charmaine can play the both side of the field (good/bad) but with Myolie, she's just one sided (always good).

    I have yet to see Myolie in a evil character role....she just doesn't have that look. Which in the long run will cause her problems.
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  20. goo wak jai

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    hm... i like her character in this film.. especially her greed for money lol