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    I have noticed there are a lot of flaws in this immigration series"

    1) They portray the immigration investigation team as if they are cops
    2) They have missions to try to bust deals with drug lords such as wu sam and they are unarmed, and they try to bust criminals with sticks.
    3) They keep going on dangerous missions whereas its obvious they will most likely to deal with dangerous criminals that are armed
    4) Wu Sam is like the Wong Kwok Mafia godfather and yet he only has 3 henchmen at the hot pot place, does not have any guns and gets chopped by the old guy's henchmen.
    5) Mak Sir, the immigration investigation department commander, has to go out to missions and go bust bad guys? I mean he is like one of the top 3 highest ranked in the entire HK immigration dept. and he has to go out to fight and arrest guys? He has like 3 flowers on his shoulder...lmao.
    Do u ever see the chief of the police department has to go out and physically bust drug deals and arrest criminals? lol

    this series sounds promising but is a joke
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