Elements of" Death Note" in this series?

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  1. EvilTofu

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    Just started watching it and I notice this series have some elements that are similar to "Death Note."

    What do you guys think?
  2. kevin

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    Yeah basically. Even the citizens clocked but there are counter argument about that, the Eden thing. I just find that Bobby is Light and Typhoon is Ryuk ha
  3. turbobenx

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    ....oh god....here we go again....dun even kno y i'm here.....

    ....and no, it's not because of post counts.....
  4. KaY_xD

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    obviously the apple, "I only eat apples", just like Ryuk.
    Raymond as the "shinigami", but actually on the official website, he is ...technically...not a ....so...yeah...and he likes to have fun with humans like Ryuk. Follows Bobby around. I forgot whether the pointing is the same with Ryuk too.
  5. animeiswild

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    I never thought of death note until u mentioned it...
    I actually thought Raymond's character was like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji.
    I think of this because Raymond's clothes and the way his eyes turn red remind me of Sebastian also when i first heard Raymond was a 'devil' type character i immediately thought of demon instead of shinigami XP
  6. driftboy

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    yeahh..when I first saw the preview of it..Death Note popped up in my head..its has a similar concept .. and the apple thing ..