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  1. KaY_xD

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    another happy ending as always.
  2. It was too rushed...
    Like why did Tong Tong suddenly change her mind?
    And Kiki comin outta nowhere with a shop o_O;
  3. strawberri_angelbaby

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    exactly. i was like "eh?" when Tong Tong changed her mind and Kiki getting a shop with what money? But i found the gun sound effect that Ok zai did was cool (i know it's not real but if a person can do it in real life, that would be cool).
  4. as expected it was cheesy ... there were alot of cheesy scenes in this series lol. :/
  5. Espresso

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    I think this series could've been better, but I was befuddle while watching it whether or not TVB wanted to attempt a Korean Drama melancholy type film. But as the plot unraveled, it turned into a typical positive situation cliche type series. I have no problems with it, though I am a bit shocked as to why they left Kate w/o hearing ability.

    I guess TVB has done endings with too much cheesy endings.
  6. Phil

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    lol 老土, lol but then again, people go for the cheesy endings, than those action ones, where main characters die and etc :p
  7. I didnt like the ending because it was tooooo typical and a rush. It didnt flow together that well like Claire left to AMerica and come back at the end of the episode. Kate rejected Kenneth and another sec she wants to be with hi agian. It was kinda ridiculous and it made me felt like I wasted my time watching this series. IT was ok overall. I watched it because my cousin was watching it and I decided to watch it with her.
  8. u4ea

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    the ending was too rush. they could done better. the final happy part was so short which is not enough to attract me...too bad.
  9. TVB`lover

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    Although the ending was too rushed, I enjoyed this series because TVB has not produced many series that have the theme of people that are deaf .