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  1. kevin

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    The strange thing is, there was so blood coming out of his mouth :whistling: He sure is a strong 'bo fie' to stand and talk so much.
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    This series leads me interested in the old version of Liew Chai. Anyone knows where to download them?
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    Of course guys would nt mind having 2 woman at the side. How about the other way round, would you like to share your wife? I wouldnt even want to share a bar of chocolate as simply as that.
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    One must realize that in the time frame of the story period, men were expected to have multiple wives, or even concubines if they so chose; a woman's place was to be quietly subservient. Thus, it is impossible to judge the raison d'etre of ancient Chinese interpersonal relationships based on a contemporary ethos. In that regard, such a hypothetical (as posed by the above question) becomes moot. :p
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    dislike the ending. it wasnt really that satisfying
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    you sound like a woman -bigsmile but to me its pretty pointless the monogamy part in this series specially is about a time where polygamy was accepted and women agreed being someone's 2nd, 3rd and even 4th wife. I just don't know why Steven had to pick that leads to someone being miserable, instead he could have both and everyone would be happy.
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    Exactly. This isn't about if polygamy is moral or not. It's fact that she wasted so much time and eventually her life on jealousy. Pointless.

    On the polygamy issue. I am sure there would be guys who would share a wife if the society is set up such that a wife is expected to provide and take care of all her husbands. Marriage is more of an economic arrangement than a romantic one.
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    the ending of this series was ok. story was also not bad. towards the end, it shown all the part series by TVB, those old ones are pretty good series.
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    I don't like the ending!

    I think that in this serie the producer wants to make fala character more likeable and to make viewers have a good impression of her acting because she will have a leading role later with steven.

    I think that this year there will a be a lot of fala series.

    About quinnie chu, her acting is very soso, although when she is acting as a fox.Her acting don't convince me!

    I think that her acting average in this serie, I like her role in Moonlight Reasonance.
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    Awww...it was a pretty sad ending. I think Steven was pretty torn between Fala and Linda, but deep down inside, he loves Linda more, that's why he ended up with her.
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    Usually i wouldn't like to see any people die at the end, but for this drama is all right as this reflects the core value of it "ghost writer".