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  1. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    I think the ending was great. Showed what happened if Young-Yan made another decision, which lead to a whole different future.

    The band members remained all friends, and they bumped into characters (that they know for 99% of the series) as if they don't know each other when Yan made another decision.

    Also loved the ending song, in which they did perform live in the series.

    Not a bad series imo, different from those regular TVB dramas..
  2. SUSIE-DANG-1988


    Yep. totally love the ending theme and the lyrics really matches with the drama itself...


    And yeah.. one decision does change everything!!

    .....but how come hak jai didn't get any bou ying?? while the others did??
  3. phatster

    phatster Active Member

    I think he did get his retribution. He lost all his friends as in all who really matter to him are gone.
  4. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    The concert scene was good (at the start of part 2, aka episode 30)
    18:50, stunt double was so obvious for Bowie Lam because of the hair colour.
    Moses karma is that he can't find his love (according to that spoiler ending article). 30:25, Moses said that was his Karma (after Charmaine delivered her speech)
    40:00 lol at Charmaine with the Yan (younger version of her) hairstyle.

    I like the 'alternate ending', it showed what would happen after one simple decision. Also funny to point out that Moses has no mustache and beard. Wahhh adult GaMing look strange, it look like the younger version of GaMing but just applied with heavy makeup o_0

    This series is good but there were scenes that were dragging, requires critical thinking to fully understand. Maybe one day if you rewatch this series, perhaps in 2 years time you would be able to understand it better and also figure out who is who (the campers).
  5. jdm_s2k

    jdm_s2k Well-Known Member

    wheres the alternate ending?

    edit: nvm i think i get it...it was from 37min to 40+ right? mi
  6. TyJac

    TyJac Member

    The alternative ending was great, so was the band performance.

    Maybe I wasn't paying attention too much, but I got kinda lost on the purpose of 'Huk Jai' coming back into the game of stocks and making Queenie sleep with that guy. I understand that he made her sleep with the other guy to use him to betray Bowie. It showed scenes where Huk jai was in discussion with the other 3 ladies to eat Emma's fortune... So was his purpose in the end really to eat her money or was he only putting up a show to stop Bowie's plan on taking over the company?

    To me it felt like it was building onto something, then it skipped several scenes, and rushed to the conclusion of the build up.
  7. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    I thought the ending was beautiful and powerful at the same time. The whole ending was basically the song, how it would've been so much different if any other decision was made and not just Yan's (though her decision might have changed everything).

    I give the ending 10/10
  8. ray89

    ray89 Well-Known Member

    very good series. very good ending.
  9. winnz

    winnz Well-Known Member

    loved the ending, but i have to admit the series dragged on way too long.. i stopped watching halfway but ended up going back to it when there was nothing good to watch lol
  10. nescio18

    nescio18 New Member

    I like the ending very much. Of course the themesongs have added value to the script. TVB hasn't have such a good and meaningful ending since a long time. Usually TVB endings are crap....
    Too bad the ratings of the serie isn't doing well it Hong Kong. I guess just like the music scene, also the tv scene in Hong Kong is dying!!!
    Why isn't it possible to have more series like this?
  11. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    if you read one of the threads in the entertainment section it says C9s in HK dislikes these kind of shows lol, because of their ignorance we lose out in good quality series and stuck with shit like Super Scoop
  12. Valkrezy

    Valkrezy Well-Known Member

    The ending of this series was great. I really felt the characters at the end. Also the credit song for this whole series is actually a reflect of their life. Especially each person who were singing their part of their lyrics, is actually what they meant of themselves. I really like the ending song, also this is kinda like Bowie Lam last TVB series. Its really sad to know that after this series he will be on a leave from TVB. It would also be the last show being written by the people who wrote shows for Secret of the Hearts, and many old great classic series. This series is great, just people who doesn't like it really doesn't understand the series at all.
  13. Sponge_bob

    Sponge_bob Well-Known Member

    Fantastic series !! Loved the ending. Its true that the story drag a bit. 23 to 24 episode shud shuffice.
  14. Sponge_bob

    Sponge_bob Well-Known Member

    If in the end, if Ekin Cheng replace Ka Ming appear, it would be perfect. Somehow I felt Ekin Cheng and Ka Ming had similarities, maybe its the hair haha.

    Also, during the concert, if they could have invite the real "Beyond" to sing one song, this drama will be a hitz. Finale would be perfect.
  15. ahkai

    ahkai Member

    the "adult Ka Ming" at the end, is he played by another person or was it the young Ka Ming with different hairstyle?
    Looks like some kind of hk rock star?
  16. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    its the same guy with white hair...

    Ekin Cheng would be a great choice but I also pick Johnson Lee, just cuz the kid has a small resemblance as a younger version of him