Episode 1 thoughts [SPOILER ALERT]

Discussion in 'When Heaven Burns - 天與地' started by kevin, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    wow that KLF and Charmaine actually kissed! Haha, I bet that was the KLF fav
    time in TVB! I still class him as KLF since he get the low ranked roles haha.

    LOL at about 18:20 when Bowie was getting attention from reporters and he turned his
    head to see that guy, immediately gave him a cold look and turned his head around.
    Moses did the same at 18:40 xD

    20:00 huh Charmaine left something on the mountain or something or is it
    because she have no money to pay for the bus fee? Why was everyone looking at her?

    24:30 wow is that no illegal to tap into phone lines!?! Haha now all of this was
    just recapping...

    wow the ending. This is interesting, something which isn't cliche or anything, hopefully the other episodes are just as good!
  2. Youks

    Youks Member

    Its nice to see Charmaine on screen again feels like ages since seen her. And I must say this role suits her well, its only the start hope the story line doesnt flop. Different to the usual tvb dramas, wish it was released earlier tho.!!
  3. 低B仔

    低B仔 Well-Known Member

    well sorry for being a skeptical but i just watched the the first 5mins of the 1st episode and i couldnt carry on. i hate romance and affairs, tvb are so crap at it as well. i guess its a ladies show afterall. tvb seems to tend to bend towards the female audiences a lot. theres really a lack of action or adventurous shows. 9 out of 10 shows is about affairs.