Episode 10

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  1. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    The first game (Ngor G Ging) was so long and dragging, it was funny for the first 8 minutes or so, but when they kept doing it for 20minutes, it has gotten so monotonous. I can't even tell if they are deliberatly losing on purpose. :rolleyes:

    What was funny but disturbing was that music game where they had to guess what song it was. It was funny how Dicky.C didn't recognise his own song, well couldn't blame his, because those singing/humming buddies were horribly mimicking the songs. Seriously felt disturbed, at least get some better people to do it. Back in the old series, this game was funny, but in this episode, it was...:Talktohand:
  2. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    yeah the guessing thing was stupid as hell, hated it back then also. lol this is the most epic ngor g ging so far. EPIC. better than watching them play the "ball" game and pull off gay looking shit.
  3. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    I was complaining about the other episodes that they only play like 4 roudns of Ngor G Ging. Guess this episode made it up for it.

    But I'd rather prefer this, than the balloon popping shit. Now THOSE games are not funny at all.

    Its good to see that they're bringing old games back though. I just dont want Boom Boom Cha or w/e that dancing game is.

    I also want them to bring back the guessing number game, and the game where they test the contestants memories. (this game goes wayyyy back) <-- Where one contestants says one sentence, then next person says the same sentence, then adds on.. etc.
  4. whats wrong with the song game??? its a trio classic.. i enjoy it!! big 4 kept eating wassabi funny hahha.
  5. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Oh yea, that memory game, so called chinese whisper.

    Not hating, just disliking the fact that it was dragging, funny but has gotten tedious after awhile :yes: The song game was good, but the actors were a bad choice.
  6. xhm

    xhm Member

    :) I agree
  7. EvilTofu

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    the big 4 provided some good humor...One of the funnier episodes..

    the wasabi game was funny. Overall they just bought a lot of humor with their jobs and stuff.
  8. don

    don ello

    i was actually at this episode live when they filmed it....... it was quite funny all around
    i noticed they took out one of the game that wasn't aired
    it was the game where there would be a topic and they had to think of something related to it and say it and pass it on to someone from the other team, one of the topics was to give a discrete porno movie name and it kinda got outta hand haha
    ngor g ging was funny cause big four kept losing but i wouldnt be surprised if it was all staged to get people talking about them since they are having a concert soon in macau lol :xd:
    the song guessing was awesome too but there was someone behind the cameras writing hints on a small whiteboard so it wouldnt take too long for them to figure out the song....so i guess it's kinda cheating haha
    the whole filming took a bit over three hours cause they had to move in the props and clean up some of the mess, they also had some issues with the headset mics :S
  9. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Sound like fun, did you take some pictures during your trip to TVB?
  10. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    No cameras allow in studio :p Cellphones must be off or silent if i remember as well. Got so much stuff from them, recycle bag, MOONCAKE ♥.. and more. just forgot.

    I know that because i've went before. I think it was Epi. 19 of last season was the episode that i went. They actually filmed the human tetris first, then the rest.

    But when i got home from the studio, it was like late 11:00 pm or close to 12 am.

    LOL. Filming itself took a long time. If the contestants still can't get the song names, it'll take foreverr.
  11. turbobenx

    turbobenx .........

    Best episode so far for me. BRING BACK THE VETS!!!! U guys r lucky, i wanna go see it live to see the uncut parts.
  12. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Sounds reasonable, could be due to copyright reason and/or sound disruption >.< Nevertheless, why pay if your not intended to pay full attention to the show ;)
  13. mr_evolution

    mr_evolution ( • )( •ԅ(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

    I ROFL'ed hard at this ep
  14. LOL this ep was too funnyy...
    Especially when Dicky was behind Andy sayin stuff and Edmond thought it was Andy and was like 'GUM NEI LEII' (or something like that)
    And Andy was like IT WASNT MEE!! xD
  15. turbobenx

    turbobenx .........

    u mean william?
  16. Ooops i meant So Wing Hong xD

    Dicky said '5D aR So Wing Hong' -lol
  17. ultim8camper

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    ive not loled that hard since the pilot episode .. this is what it should be .. people we know from oler gen .. and not shitty ass new gen plus no bs from gum gong me like!!!
  18. milky_bb

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    I enjoyed this episode very much...Big Four were funny...'Ah mong' might be dreaming, but Big 4's were no match for her!