Episode 13 Discussion

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    Episode 14 Discussion

    I thought it was a pretty good episode. Anyone think that Ching Ching running back to become a hostage a second time was stupid? lol.. Also, the best part of the episode was when the whole neighborhood beat up on Leung Fei Fan, amirite? haha. What are your thoughts?
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  2. kevin

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    Yea, i cant believe he was being such a dh when ah sing saved his life (gave him the key)
  3. [N]

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    but he still got played by 9 mui...twice:xd:
  4. zeewee

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    Evil thought, but I hope the neighbors beat Leung Fei Fan to death. As long as he is alive, he will cause pain for everyone. Episode 14 really made my blood pressure rise.

    I agree about Ching Ching being stupid and making things complicated for everyone. The preview for the next episode shows her doing the same thing again. Ugh.
  5. pOtentiaLeaver

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    lol its ep 14 not 13. and yea fucking fala is so annoying. she just comes out at the most annoying time ffs -_- and he always bumps into the wall and knocks things off -_-. they should just delete her character completely out of the drama. its freakn irrelevent. using her as a narrator by speaking out the dairy also sucks. her accent kills the whole republican time set feel -_-

    also the hilarious thing about the neighours hitting stuff to make sound is, theres one girl that got a fire extinguish LOL.. and fk the guy next to the hair dresser took a cup and teeth brush and start hitting away LOLOLOLOL
  6. kevin

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    Yup, he got mocked. "If I don't marry, how am I suppose to have childrens" haha, his well p1$$ed.
  7. markthad

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    so disappointing this show... especially since the japanese invasion... so boring and fala chen is so annoying. her character is so irrelevant and the naration is so annoying. The show is supposed to be about nine sister and lau sing.... not all these irrelevant love scenes between raymond wong and fala chen.... i almost bored to sleep by their love story!!!
  8. KaY_xD

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    9 goo leung said to hit him on the legs, i was pissed when they just hit his face & body. i wish i was there, gonna show them some kay power