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    When James asks Keith what to do about his mom, Keith replied"My mom killed someone, what do you want me to do?". However, his mom was going to be prosecuted for attempted murder. Although minor, this is still something similar to a plothole.

    Later on, Big C called Keith her "master" although Mavia is her master, although, again, technically, this isn't that major of a plothole since Keith and Mavia both are older and more experienced than Big C, so her calling them "master" isn't that big of a deal.

    In a past episode, Keith was reported for breaking the lawyer-client privacy right, however, in episode 14, when he asked Barrister Leung, Barrister Leung didn't seem to be bound by the lawyer-client privacy right.

    In episode 16, Keith reportedly said that the building had a power outage, after asking on the phone, but how did the phone work if there was a power outage?
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