Episode 13 (spoiler)

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    when tavia yeung told kenneth ma that she liked him.. hahaha, i was lmao xD really liked that joke.

    what i was wondering about was.. how many heterosexual guys would pass on a girl/woman like tavia if she was to tell you she likes you? please tell why :p
  2. maybe kenneth will go for Mandy first... get a taste of both sisters:trollface2:
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    lol, it's a drama....weird shits happens.....but then again, in reality, weirder shits happens......
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    Mature response
    Being that Kenneth is being portrayed as this ultra mature/unselfish SOB on the series I think his rejection of her was pretty realistic and spot on. As he explained in the scene with his best friend and Him Law eavesdropping. Admired mentor's daughter, needs time investment, needs to earn money for bro's college in the states final year of training etc, there's a lot of factors involved for him to just dive head first into the relationship. Some people actually think through the whole thing before deciding to knock boots with every girl/woman that comes knocking on the door.

    Immature response
    Could be that he wants to explore other options like what Shinobi said. Tavia might not be the only girl/woman he's attracted to. So many other female nurses/doctors to choose from.
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    heh.. i was like asking YOUR opinion... not asking you to explain the scene to me -_- his decision wasn't that hard to get imo.