Episode 17 and 18 spoilers.

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  1. bacardi151x

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    omfg im soooo pissed off bosco and shirley got together omfg im sooo mad they don't match at all and i hate her acting so much .. i really hope bosco and bernice gets back together .. dats the only part in the movie i relaly wanna see is bosco and bernice get back together .. i think sharon and kevin looks cute together..

    anyways wayne dies...
    and so does bernice "kai yeah"
    both killed by the master of the academy...
  2. asiangang

    asiangang Well-Known Member

    omg. Wayne dies....thats so sad.

    i agree bacardi151x i want Bosco and Bernice to get bak together too. i dun like Shirley.dunno why, just dun like her.
  3. xsushiix

    xsushiix Member

    omg i couldn't believe they actually killed off wayne's character. -cry2

    i don't like how they rushed bosco and shirley's relationships. just an episode ago it was all bernice, how can he forget about bernice just like that?!!? -ann
  4. Nirvania

    Nirvania I'm BRACK!?

    oooo bosco got it on!
  5. Xzyrus

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    Progressing well so far. Some pretty large twists in the final week and not in the final epispode. ATM, I don't feel the series is rushed even though I wish it could be longer and that Wayne's char didn't die.

    What Shirley did was predictable. I want to see if and how they can manage to put Bosco and Bernice back together. I'm not really a Bernice fan (I like Shirley more after Brink of Law), but seeing as how this series developed their chars, Bosco and Bernice belong together.
  6. joziemonster

    joziemonster Member

    AHH! i cant believe that bosco and shirley got together..I hope that bernice and bosco are together in the end. i just dont liek shirley..noo clue why.. but kevin and sharon are adorable....
  7. Chloee

    Chloee Well-Known Member

    I think Shirley did a good job with her character. She deserves to be with Bosco because she did so much for him and stood by his side no matter what. I wish that Bosco chose to be Shirley because he developed feelings for her not because he needed to be responsible ~_~
  8. bacardi151x

    bacardi151x Member

    i didnt like the part when shirleys father said " if you treat my daughter bad i will kill you " that gave me a bad feeling that bosco and bernice won't get back together =[
  9. 1xplicitchik

    1xplicitchik Well-Known Member

    Shirley acting as this character wasn't bad she did her role pretty okie only reason i dun want her to be with bosco is just cuz i want him to be with bernice personal preference lols but man it suked when wayne died >_< he was lyke my favourite character too geez i hope bernice dad dies a painful death for that >_<
  10. whitenight

    whitenight Well-Known Member

    i was so sad when Wayne died and i love Bosco and Bernice together...hopefully they will end up together in the end...though for some reason, i can't help but think that Shirley and Bosco didn't do anything...but i have to admit that Shirley did do a lot for him...but i think Bosco might marry/end up with the both of them
  11. AisuTsuki

    AisuTsuki Well-Known Member

    I ... can't believe ... THEY KILLED OFF WAYNE'S CHARACTER!!!

    Omg, that is unbelievable. Wayne did a really good job and I loved seeing him in this series and they killed them off. ;( Excuse me while I go stabbbb something!

    I'm not a fan of Bernice in this series. For some reason, she just doesn't look right in those ancient costumes. And to me, she's too stiff in this series .. not natural enough.

    ~_~ Well, then again, I started to like Shirley a LOT more after Brink of Law. Shirley's character in this series is worth some praise .. sacrificing so much for Bosco. Even if they didn't do anything, her image still got damaged because of it.
  12. TVBfan4ever

    TVBfan4ever Member

    They both will be with Bosco at the end, maybe that's how TVB's happy ending..... well, at least none of them die, except the FAKE-good people, such as Bernice's Dad

    Bernice sounds kinda weird in this series though, she talks so weird
    Whereas Shirley had improved a lot...... since Price of Greed, Brink of Law, and this series too.......
  13. tis me

    tis me Well-Known Member

    I don't have a problem with Shirley in this series.. I am starting to enjoy her acting esp after seeing her in TBOL.

    But it just seems so unbelievable that Bosco would agree to marry Shirley when he was still so in love with Bernice..
  14. bbsnoopy

    bbsnoopy Member

    I guess it just highlights his willingness to sacrifice for his sister, which personally, I think is quite noble of him. :D
  15. lynxd

    lynxd Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Wayne Lai and Bernice God-Father died.. I teared when Wayne die.. I loved his acting and his character in the series~ I didn't like how Bosco just picked Shirley over Bernice, but then again his character was his sister comes first.. so in a way, it made sense for him to do that.
  16. fly2dasky

    fly2dasky Papaya

    Yea, the last episode is really sucks...

    The worst ending TVB drama I ever seen in this year... Sigh~!!!
  17. sugarpie

    sugarpie Well-Known Member

    yes agree with u fly2dasky it sucked big time.. i mean i tink it should be this way bosco ends up with bernice and shirely just goes away and finds sum one that truly loves her instead.. and everybody lives happily ever after...=D
  18. tvbcheese

    tvbcheese Sushi VIP!

    i really hate shirley's acting. she is like a suckup and only gets respect because of her family status and her grandfather being a high name or something (not sure). bosco and shirley is not a good pair. bosco and bernice is much better, but bosco was forced to.
  19. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    to b honest i stopped watchin the series after episode 14 or so.. and for the rest of the episodes i just kinda fast-forwarded until the final episode where i wanted to see whether bosco/bernice got back together.. lol.