Episode 20 and 21 [Ending spoiler warning]

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  1. moonlightshadow

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    Hmm i reQon episode 21 was not required. Though i still enjoyed the show regardless.
  2. kevin

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    Although the chances of a sequel being made is low it is possible. I say low because the producer is retiring (at least I think he write the script) and that Raymond died. However, IMO even when the doctor (from the Goul family) said "at that critical condition, even if he were brought to a hospital he may not be saved" he can still be alive. I understand that in one of his letter to Niki stated "if there were another miracle, don't give it to me [Raymond], give it to milk candy girl [Niki]" there may be a miracle when he delivered himself in the open ocean. The boat may have led him to some island and some tribal people of some sort use herbs to recover him, he may lose his memory when he wake up (like they did to Wayne Lai in No Regrets) but there are chances if you know what I mean.

    Overall fantastic drama.
  3. moonlightshadow

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    i think the non happy ending makes it better lol =) but theyt never confirmed his dead so he could be saved like above lol. They tend to always do that but i hope he remains dead or there is no part two! Leave the series on good terms instead of coming back and ruining the story. They dont have that many 10 years to go u know lol.

    I love how the story writer shaped the story though. From the first scene of jar and lollies, to the ring. It is really good =) Lol the younger sister still likes men that are taken rofl ..
  4. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Yup, Katy is a relationship breaker haha.
    Oh by the way, I could have sworn Niki wasn't hallucinating when she was sleeping. That should have been Raymond's hand and not the doctor, only Raymond and Niki know that lullaby. That woman is so wicked though, she stabbed Raymond.
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    If laughing kor could survive a bullet straight through the heart i don't see why Raymond can't survive the stabbing from a little butter knife.
  6. Aww I really liked this drama but the last few episodes did drag abit tho... Is he alive? Is he not...??
    Then he flippin dragged his ass around half the town... And threw himself on a boat!? WTF... If u had that energy then go to the doctors man T_T
    Chi sin ga... ¬_¬ And surely they coulda followed his blood trial? 'Couldn't find him' T_T Anyhooo... (Y)
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    A few scenes did drag but good performances all-round, I did enjoy it, one of better show this year but again let down by ending, rushed and messed up, why in the world did Raymond move from the spot, makes no sense, I always say tvb need to give us better endings than the happy, happy ones but problem is when they do, it's badly done, sometimes I wonder to myself why i still watch tvb series, also Elaine wins the worst wig award.
  8. toraoh

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    LOL totally agree with you xD no happy ending, but still a great serie!
  9. turbobenx

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    it's good for a change....hated these cheesy TVB endings...
  10. starze

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    Loved the series, but hated the ending (to me) was messy and didnt make much sense. I agree, if Raymong had enough strength to drag himself across town, fling himself in a boat and go floating, then he should have better sense to drag himself to a hospital instead! Also he was found by Jack who had the potential to help him there on the spot. Then he would have his ending with Nikki.
    I hate the usual soppy TVB happy endings, but thought they deserved a happy ending as it didnt have a soppy lovey-dovey storyline and the writer was decent. Ah! Was I wrong. Its ending to me, spoilt the whole series ( which I would happily watch all over again, but not now).
    I think that a lot of people will be complaining to TVB about the series ending and when TVB hears about all this, we'll be in for (now) a soppy sequel, especially as the producer (writer) is retiring.
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  11. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    AHaha guess him dragging himself halfway across the town did not make sense. And it didn't. Man could have gone to the hospital and maybe get treated for at least a chance of living.

    But overall, good drama, good ending. Not your cheesy TVB ending and its a tragic ending for both of them. Even though its a good drama, no sequel please! Dont want some bullshit reason to bring Raymond back to life. We assume he's dead now!
  12. andrewf444

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    Horrible ending!!! Still dont get why he drag himself all around town just to get into a boat = = If he really loves nikki so much he could easily gone to the hospital, get treated, and still have plenty of time to go back and meet her to have dinner lol. It was a good series, ending was a drag - totally ruined it for me.
  13. Trwy2k

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    Totally agree on what you are saying! Drag your ass to see a doctor man! Unnecessary drama to create a somewhat dramatic effect.
  14. KilaKilaGirl

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    by all means this show is amazing! I did not regret watching it.
  15. dreamloverhsy

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    Everything was good until the end which spoiled everything!!.... TVB should use more common sense in their series... how come the whole town no ppl at all one? and he ran so far juz to get on a boat?? if he ran to meet Niki for the last time and die in her hands that i would understand.... but ran to the pier???? really disappointing...
  16. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Lol I was wondering the same, why was the place deserted!?!

    In addition to what was highlighted, yes with so much blood leaking out from the heavily damaged wound there is a high possibility for that doctor to track him down. On another note, it was weird how the baby (the girl "choi foon") resemble the younger version of Niki (milky girl). Genetically speaking, it's not possible but hey it's a series, but hey again this once again reflects upon how it's unrealistic on how Raymond managed to do all that with the damage he had possessed.
  17. koogepanini

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    Killing Raymond's character was a good decision but they should have had Elaine's character shoot him and kill him on the spot. If anything have her stab him in the heart. Make drama be drama. Typical TVB, they never go all the way. The silly boat thing made no sense. I thought only dogs preferred to die alone. Most people, especially ones who spent 20 years looking for the love of his life, would probably want to die in the arms of his lover? Just saying. Plus, having him flopping around like a fish after being stabbed is just ridiculous. TVB has no sense of time. He gets stabbed in the afternoon and he's still moving about past supper time?!? (Just like the marathon car chase scene at the end of Lives of Omission) And if he's proposing you'd think they would have decided on the location of that dinner and yet he wasted so much time running all over town looking for her?! Sigh. When will TVB get it right? But it was one of the better TVB dramas of 2011.
  18. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Do you mean Forensic Heroes 3 because I don't recall the marathon car chase in LOO =S
  19. moonlightshadow

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    i got pissed off at him when he was walking around the town instead of going to hospital like wtf. Ur dying go see ur hon or get treated!
  20. jin

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    Great show, but ending was crappy !