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  1. SUSIE-DANG-1988


    Last 5 episodes left!!

    OMG - I still can't belive that no-one went to hospital and saw his dad for the last time!!!
    hehehes, good to see that bobby and yoyo together! :)
  2. Sadden_One

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    u mean bobby's real dad? yeah that's kinda sad lol.... i mean, only bobby saw him on time before he dies
    i think the parts with the kids are more touching than the love parts in this series lol
    like when wong hei told bui bui that when she is bigger, she won't need her dad to be near her anymore, then she said that even at 18, she'd still want her dad to be with her
    and also, when bobby went to the airport to look for jacky jai, realized that he was already flying to the US, then came back at home and saw his son calling his dad suddenly, damn these parts were really touching lol