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  1. cat

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    I just love ep 35 when Mr. Chinatown tell the 2wife that he will not file a divorce so that she won't get a penny out of him. At the end of ep 35 it is showed that Alfred it in the car accident - my guess it he properly will be end up dead. And Yoyo is asking Linda to forgive her. Do you think Linda will forgive Yoyo for it? I heard ep 38 is a must watch series. I can't wait until next week for the ending of this drama series.
  2. G0LDF15H

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    I feel sorry for Moses. I see Linda as rebounding for him after her relationship with Ray went sour. It's like she expects Moses to be the person she can always go to...all for herself and when she finally sees him with someone she gets unhappy about it. I guess it takes this drastic of a change for her to grab onto him. In a way, it's selfish.

    And argh....got really angry when Sei Kei and Tong Yun Gai finally got married. Damn his ignorance.
  3. dreyvii

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    Haha...sorry, no can do. I'm a banana-sweat
  4. dreyvii

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    YES!!! Finally Mr Chinatown grows a spine and stands up to his wife! Haha...that got me giggling away in glee!

    Awww...Raymond is SO sweet! I hated him in episode 29, but have fallen in love with him all over again...of course Linda would too! His diaries are heartwrenching, I found myself crying over them, especially in ep35. LOL

    Darn! Too bad he has to die now that Linda has forgiven him. What a blow. Haha...but what I said came true, didn't it? :D
  5. hksmr2

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    its principle!! u can't give in to evil or in this case greedy peeps. Shit if I was chinatown, i be like freak u i donate all my money to charity and won't even give u a penny. And also u give money to some1 from your heart, not being force to u no.
  6. the dinner scene was so weird....it was like good vs evil eating at the same table haha.

    tong yun guy finally fights back..that was a nice scene at the end of 35..very touching.. he better write that family will before he dies...or else it will be trouble for his kids.
  7. sir_denster

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    FINALLY, Tong Yun Gaai puts two and two together and comes up with a scheme so second wife doesn't get all his money.

    I really do hope he puts it all down on paper before he dies. So sad about Raymond, too. He probably finally gets the courage to ask Sheung Joi Sum to forgive him, or maybe he finds out she does, and then crashes and dies! :(
  8. KT

    KT H E L L O K T ♥

    Oh maaaaaan D: This series gets better and better! I liked how Chinatown finally gets SMART haha. And jeeez.. Sai Kai.. sometimes I wish I could run into the show, punch her, and run back out. LOL Raymond is gonna die!? Well I don't care much because he was never a favorite of mine in the show.. <_<
  9. liquidzyklon

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    Episode 35 is another good episode.

    So it seems that Linda has kinda forgiven Raymond, but just haven't been able to say it to him. Both their journal entries are very good at revealing how they feel. But I think it seems weird how Linda thought she was starting to like Moses before but after two year nothing happen, but what Goldfish said:
    Yes, Tong Yun Guy finally grows a spine and stick up for his kids. I guess it was always in him, but there was no need because the 1st wife would have taken that burden off him. With the scenes showing Gilbert talking about his business, he too cares too much about face and doesn't want his business to shutdown. This itself is a sign of greed and selfishness.

    Lastly, the preview looks really really good. It's funny how my bro said Raymond was going to get T-boned long long before the accident. Raymond always thinks too much when driving and run red lights.
  10. HoSungYin

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    All i have to say is, 'bout time Dai Boa grew some balls'.
  11. joveaurora

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    Chinaman finally gets some sense knocked into him. I feel like in every series there has to be some obviously stupid person. Are the pictures of his wife cheating on him and her son as a a witness enough for divorce to take place without her getting anything?? I would have changed all the locks to the place then let the evil lady get in and out as she please.
  12. asiangang

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    mr.chinatown finally does something..
    Linda actually beat Raymond's rival or sumthin..amazin..with the help of Raymond
    Hope Mr.Chinatown gets the Will written before he dies:(
  13. JennV

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    Episode 35 Is So Good.
    I Love How China Town Stands Up Tp The 2nd Wife
    OMG. Raymond Is Actually Going To Die !
    The Sad Part Is How Linda Probably Already Forgave Him And Then He Dies, How Sad!
    I Hope ChinaTown Writes The Will Before He Dies, But I Dont Think He Will
    Because If He Did, Then There Wouldnt Be That Case At The End.
    I Think Linda Is Going To Forgive Yoyo
    Cant Wait To Finish This Series !
    Its So Good .
  14. daphne_uijen

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    This series is really getting very depressing. I feel so sad everytime I see Tong Yun Guy and his kids especially - who were all really trying to protect their dad - then that stupid 2nd wife comes and ruins everything. Then the whole thing about Linda and Raymond - I feel so sad that Raymond is gonna die only when Linda will finally let him know that she has forgiven him. Haiihhh...

    I think it's gonna be hell for all the kids once Tong Yun Guy dies... wonder which episode he dies? But all in all, this is ONE GOOD SERIES!! =)
  15. wasabi_wasabi

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    Here you go...it's more formal..not really in the same dialect~but it's still good~^^
  16. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    Awww...isn't that really touching? Especially the way he said it, with so much sorrow in his tone of voice, and the eyes...ah...*melts away*
  17. dinkojinko

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    I am so glad Mr. Chinatown came up with the brilliant idea to not divorce Suzanne Kwan. I'm ready to see what she has up her sleeve next. Also, I'm glad that Linda Chung won her first case, I'm hoping that she can put her brother, Henry behind bars...he's been nothing but greedy.
  18. shinybow

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    Lately TVB's series are so predictable that I mostly lost interest watching them, but while in this serie most of the plots are a little predictable, I love when the writers through a climax like when the first wife came back from London to break the 2 wife's plot, and now when Chinatown came back from the hospital to let her know that he is not going apply for divorce, GREAT WRITING TVB, SUPER!!!!
  19. ainikawaii

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    EPISODE 35 is the best episode ever!! finally, the second wife gets her payback~~i loveee it...she should freakin die for being such a b****!!! i hate her soo much! did anyone give chinatown and linda some props?! they hella made the second wife look stupid and evil!!! ENCOREEE for their performance!!! i love this series...something that i could watch over and over again!!

    p.s. i missss the first wife! i wonder what she would do if she was still alive?
  20. xlilxkidx

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    just finished watching ep 35.. cant wait till ep 40 =O