1. ultim8camper

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    Omg soo many unanswered questions ......like why did gran ma walk around looking for people ???.... why did she suddenly appear at home on the floor??? why is she on the floor???? why did she only tell hong yee to go in her room????? has linda got feelings back with bosco???? arrrggghhh sooo confusing this episode ... hope next episode will explain all my head hurting soo much now ...... any lets talk about the bitch hong yee ... why wouldnt she tell the truth ........and not do as grandma wish ........ u cannot lie to a dead person ,,...............
  2. EvilTofu

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    Here's what I think: Grandma is probably looking for people that once worked with Jo Ba in his earlier years. The reason is to get witnesses to go to court on their behalf about who the real boss is for their bakery. She's on the floor cause she either fell or pushed to the floor from somewhere, if you read the spoiler, you're know.

    I just can't believe she would do that to a person who's about the die, she agreed to those 3 things grandma told her but than lied about it and not let grandma see her family before she left this world. That was really messed up.

    I know why she didn't want them to see grandma cause hung yee is scared of what grandma has to say about the whole accident.
  3. mr_evolution

    mr_evolution ( • )( •ԅ(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

    Yeah I bet grandma is looking for the old workers to help back Jo Ba in court.

    Don't know why she ended up in the mansion though
  4. Nnerak

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    i think she went back to the mansion to confront hong yee and tell her to stop messing with her family with her *shocking secret* and then she fell down the stairs, cuz she'd thought that it was the appropiate thing to do in order for the drama to end....?..xD