Ex-Wife Vs Super Chef

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    I don't know how many of you folks are still following this series, but...


    After having been slapped into a love epiphany by pilot Brian, and just when JUNG GWORK DOONG is running to the arms of the Super Chef to declare his love to her; his long lost ex-wife, the mysterious "JESSIE" (that he's been pining over for the entire last decade and the basis of his Sisyphus angst) is suddenly back (closing scene of Ep 132). -rolleyes His enshrinement of articles and things that had anything to do with her, has touched her heart and thus moved her. She now wants to get back together with him (eg. her self initiated lip lock with him in the apartment that he'd long saved for her).


    The twist now is, that in this last episode (133), JESSIE witnessed and realized (from the security cam scene) that her erstwhile friend, super chef SUM BUW YEE, also has feelings for JUNG GWORK DOONG. She announced this knowledge to her mother in the closing scenes (at her table while eating lunch with her mother) that her romantic rival for getting back together with "DOONG GOR," is in fact, her friend SUM BUW YEE. She steadfastly declared that SUM BUW YEE isn't any match for her, by stating, "...I'm not going to let anyone snatch away what really belonged to me!" -what?

    Remember also that unbeknownst to JUNG GWORK DOONG, the fact remains that JESSIE had been cheating on him all along. Not satisfied with just having an affair, she had actually left him all those years ago for the other man, who coincidentally had been, and remains DOONG's close friend (DOONG recently helped him financially) This traitorous "friend" is also the ex-husband of the secretary to the Super Chef. At this point, JUNG GWORK DOONG remains of the mistaken belief that JESSIE had originally broke up with him because he had blamed her for getting an abortion; ie that he had driven her away. So to this day, he still blames himself for their failed marriage. But in truth, the baby that DOONG thought was his; I suspect was really an illegitimate pregnancy from the affair that JESSIE was having, and not really AH DOONG's to begin with.

    I really feel bad for this JUNG GWORK DOONG. He's the embodiment of a genuine stand up guy who had always taken the moral high ground. Unfortunately, he'd been repeatedly used and taken advantage of by both his own wife and a supposed friend who, in reality is just another back stabber. IMHO, this really fleshes out the old Chinese adage, Mm Sook, Mm Seck, eh? :facepalm: So how should this end? Should DOONG get back together with JESSIE, who by all accounts, remains very much a self centered bitch, (with continuing evidence that she doesn't really seem to care a twit about him) but one whom he obviously still loves dearly (rather obsessively so, IMHO)? Or, should he end up with the loving and very caring Super Chef SUM BUW YEE; one with whom he also has developed feelings for, but is nowhere near the same level of desire, want and need that he currently still has for JESSIE? Or, in a twist, should Ah DOONG nail the Super Chef's secretary; the woman who's ex-husband was the one that was tapping JESSIE behind DOONG's back? BTW, the secretary knows all about JESSIE and her Ex; she too, feels really bad about it, but doesn't want to reveal to JUNG GWORK DOONG that it was really her Ex (DOONG's best friend) that had broken up both their marriages.

    Oh what a tangled web they weave, eh? LOL...

    Frankly, the intelligent intellectual choice is SUM BUW YEE; but JESSIE is admittedly a hot looking little piece of ass for the animal in all of us men. For me, just desserts would be for AH DOONG to get back together with JESSIE and pound the shit out of that hot little ass for a while, then dump the bitch instead for BUW YEE; payback be the mother fucker but JESSIE sure as hell deserves every bit of it.



    BTW, Does anyone know the name of this actress who plays the part of JUNG GWORK DOONG's ex-wife Jessie? There doesn't seem to be a listing for her anywhere I look.
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    I agree with you all the way through. Jessie is a true bitch. And I also feel bad for Jung Gwork Doong.
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    I know you all saw it coming... the return of ex-wife. And we all know what's going to happen afterwards...
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    Well, TVB sort of went out of their way to make the viewer fret over it, what with JUNG GWORK DOONG just missing JESSIE when she was in the dressing room whilst he was searching the all over for her (a few eps back). One just knew that they were setting up the story for another "unexpected" encounter. Seriously though, these TVB nice guys never ever finish last, or else the viewers will get pissed and complain. The cheating JESSIE and the back stabbing friend will somehow get their comeuppance, and AH DOONG won't have anything to do with it simply because he's not the kind of guy to hold a grudge (yeah right). But JESSIE and the back stabbing rat will somehow fall on their own swords, so to speak, and AH DOONG will wind up with SUM BUW YEE. Just one look at the intro already clues people in that they are a couple.
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    Well, now that it has been revealed...

    ...that JESSIE is a real loser in, oh so many ways; cooking mama SUM BUW YEE and AH DOONG are making up for lost time by, well... making time, LOL... So does he stay blind or will there be a last minute miracle?
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    He got the transplant at the end so I guess his sight will be back eventually ..
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    the fuck, tavia yeung's sister
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    i watched this series from the beginning till the end. dislike the ex-wife. luckily the Chef is with the brother in the end.