Friendship is fake

Discussion in 'The Rant Section' started by LuckTiger, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. jono281

    jono281 Well-Known Member

    yeh.. totally agree...
    or maybe its because im lazy..
  2. ghostsxy

    ghostsxy Well-Known Member

    i agree with poster, most people are fake but if you are lucky you will find some true friends though they might be very few
  3. its fact that most people you know are people you just know, they are not friends but that's what we generally call people we recognise.

    out of all the people i know (out of the dudes) only i can only call 2 my real friends, and a handful more i would consider to people people im close with, the rest i wouldn't rely on (learnt from experience) but i would still help them out if i could and we all hang out etc.
    i think most of my friends are female but i thnk thats cus im more choosey with who i talk to, dont bother with the loud mouths and full of crap types.

    you can meet a friend at any time, doesnt matter if youve known them all your life
  4. bullseye

    bullseye Member

    u should go find better friends coz most aint bad tho it wouldnt hurt if u tell us what happen ey?
    My close frends are all nice, all of us known each other for over 10 years now so... i guess life long friends are what Friends should be called
  5. Koen F. Seiei

    Koen F. Seiei Member

    DUDE, go out there and find yourself some REAL FRIENDS, cause they do exist.
  6. Lenaxia

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    All friendships are selfish by nature. If you're not getting something out of a friendship then you wouldn't be freidns with them. The question is whether or not you're both getting equally from the friendship.
  7. roarixer

    roarixer Well-Known Member

    lol bitter much?

    have faith in humanity :p it may be asking much, but there are good people out there :p
  8. peppermint

    peppermint Well-Known Member

    im sure you will find some1 to count on. childhood friendship is the best.
  9. wow u sound so bitter....I know there are ppl who pretend to be your friends but in reality are two faced you just have to let it go adn avoid those ppl.
  10. HeAvEnzgmaIl

    HeAvEnzgmaIl Well-Known Member

    i agree say i have around 12 friends as in FRIENDS i go out and talk and stuff but only 1 whom i actually trust and i know that doesnt bitch about me behind my back
  11. spritey

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    truly agree when u grow older , friends comes and go even your best fren . for my case my best fren borrow a few thousands of dollar from me 6-7 years back . now he is rich and dont even want to see me or intend to pay me back at all .
  12. Lumpypooh

    Lumpypooh Active Member

    of course there is, but in personal opinion, depends where you go to look for them
  13. huniiiiii

    huniiiiii Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt say all are fake. I've had bad experiences and I hate fake people but I still believe in friendship.
  14. surplusletterbox

    surplusletterbox Well-Known Member

    Friendship is as real as you want it to be. Friendship requires trust between two parties and a willingness to give more than you take is a good starter point. When people say all friendships are fake, they would be if all parties took more than what they gave. When you measure or calculate the amount of give and take then you have no friendship, the reason is that what you give has a value to yourself but the taker has a different value measure. Therefore there is a difference in expectation of value in a "given" and in a "taken". In a materialistic world with gold diggers it is rarer to find friendship. A good place to find friendship is in a temple or other equivalent spiritual places cause at such places materialism is less pronounced. Before you can have friendship you would also need: trust, selflessness, forgiveness, kindness, equality, humbleness, consideration, generosity, endurance, healthy thoughts, positiveness, integrity, honesty, forbearance..... the reason that there is fake friendship is because many do not practice such personal qualities.
    So if you want friendship start to behave like one through actions.
  15. Aznmask

    Aznmask Well-Known Member

    I agree, sometime you give up a lot to a friend. But they wont do the same to you. So dont expect friend's return you a flavor. Also dont expect friendship can last forever.

    Remember that you have many type of friends (Text friends, Game friends, Fb friends, Party friends, Gym buddy, close friend etc) Dont mixed up with it.