Funniest Moment in the 7th day

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  1. lawplanet

    lawplanet Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of funny moments in the 7th day. whats your favorite that made you really laugh?

    mine are:

    Sasa and Don are watching "infernal affiars" at the theater
    and Sasa keeps asking don questions

    "If one day your mom and i fell in the ocean. who would you save first?"
    "if we got into a fight one day. would you give in first or would you let me"
    don: thoughts [how about u let me watch the show"
    and then
    "so how is it that sammi doesn't know shes dating a bad guy. why does she the cop go bad and the bad guy becomes a cop and then they both die?
    don thought [so many people dying, why don't you die?]
    sasa thoughts [ com'on, get mad,,, dooooo it]

    and also when she goes to dons house to eat nothing went her way. priceless.

    it kinda reminds me of how my ex use to play games with me
  2. flora253

    flora253 Member

    omg i laughed so hard while watching that!!=D
    and now i can't help replaying it!
    and the dinner scene!

    such good bn moments!
  3. in ep. 12 Lol @ natalie and boscos pyjamas ...they were like cute. -lol
  4. -Tisken-

    -Tisken- Well-Known Member

    when don went to Sasa's house for dinner ...
    he thought sasas family were very rich.
    especially when Sasa moved thouse flowers, don said to himself:" Spy cams?!?! Ladies and Gentlement, show time!! " lmao....
  5. lawplanet

    lawplanet Well-Known Member

    AHAHAH. and then he would look at the flower and talk.... and everyone was like... what the....
  6. tien317

    tien317 Well-Known Member

    Most of the funny scenes involve bosco and natalie.....basically....
    But i will laugh when i see JACK and his acts :)
  7. mwai007

    mwai007 Well-Known Member

    yeah.. i think sasa and don meeting each others parents are definitely the funniest moments ay.. priceless
  8. RockkxD

    RockkxD Moderator

    Don and Sasa's scenes are pretty funny when they are together.
  9. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon Well-Known Member

    lol, someone should make funny clips for this series. All of the above scenes are pretty funny. I especially liked when they met each other's parents and Don talk at the flower. LMAO
  10. AznSinoBoy

    AznSinoBoy Well-Known Member

    The first Episode when he told his name,Nikki laughed at it when he told they call him "Zhi Yau Wing"(Btw my name is Chi Wing to xD
  11. lee-lee

    lee-lee Well-Known Member

    i'm only on episode 7 but i am loving this series so far.
    ah don and ah sasa are freaking HILARIOUS...i don't have
    a fav moment yet, but their scenes always makes me laugh.
  12. Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...It would have to be meeting Dondum's parents...she was trying so hard to mess it up completely...n' not only that she failed but they loved her! hahhahaha
  13. Sadden_One

    Sadden_One Well-Known Member

    i think it was when sasa invited don to her house for a diner, when don still thaught her family was rich, then he saw that her house wasn't that big, and saw that her dad was the worker he saw earlier in the seafood or fish store lol
    and sasa knew he was gonna be disapointed at that time lol

    edit: oh yeah i almost forgot about the camera part lol
    thx -Tisken-, i just saw ur post :p
  14. Jeannyyx33

    Jeannyyx33 Member

    the funnie part is when sasa was playing on bosco coz she was doing stuff to him tht was soo funny and it crack me up where the part she made him buy....(the grly thing) and it all fell out of the bagg
  15. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    i found most of Sasa and Don's part funny... well i'm only like up to ep 7 or 10 i think.
  16. michelle7879

    michelle7879 Well-Known Member

    I feel that the funniest part of Bosco & Natalie got few la..
    1) The part of their 1st date to watch movie in the cinema, Natalie so cute to kept on ask Bosco lots of question to make Bosco angry her..

    2) Got 1 part oso so funny de, is the part, Natalie go Bosco hse, and she pretend that angry of seeing
    Bosco stil stay wif his ex-gf ( ex-gf is Bosco sis ) and Bosco ran to downstairs to explain to Natalie that the girl is her sis and not ex-gf..haha..tat part is cute and funny ..

    3) The part of , Natalie meet Bosco family and wat she think is just opposite of the reality .. that's funny lo..

  17. RockkxD

    RockkxD Moderator

    Haha, the funny part of the series. They were all funny to laugh at. All jokes...
  18. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    Oh, I loved the meet the parents part.

    And there was the part where Niki twisted her ankle and Kevin helped her up, she fell into his arms and then Jack gave away her excitement by jumping up and down. That part was pretty cute too!

    And the part during Kevin and Niki's first kiss...where Kevin asked her, "why are you pursing your lips? you having cramps?" lol...that was funny!
  19. tvfan07

    tvfan07 Well-Known Member

    There are fews of the funniest moment in 7th day are when Don meets up with Sasa's parent and he though Sasa is lying him that she is not from a rich family but actually is testing him only and from there started few scenes that is so funny.

    Second is in the cinema where Sasa ask some funny questions and Don talking to himself and answer it differently, third is Jack (Niki's dog) when he act some funny movement like he can cover himself with a blanket when he heard Niki's complaining him and he knows how to switch off the light.

    The others funniest moment is in the hospital when Don and Kevin found out that they got a daughter and both of them is like a child and very happy told each others that their wife delivered a baby girl. Their acting was really funny and cute..
  20. miracle*

    miracle* Member

    hahaha there were quite a few funni scenes that i can remeber ...... the one when niki bought that huge ring as a pressie for kevin's grandmother, defintely meet the parents bit with bosco and sasa, and defintely the scenes with the dog Jack lol they were my favourite funi but cute scenes to watch