gag at the end of the show

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  1. wowomuffin

    wowomuffin Member

    Some of the gag at the end are really funny

    my fave one is

    Nurse: Doctor did you help Mr. X with his sleeping problem
    Doctor: yes. ofcourse, i gave him some sleeping pill
    Nurse: but Mr. X has a heart problem he cant take sleeping pills
    Doctor: I gave them to Mr.X to give them to Mrs. X, if she shuts up at night then he'll get a good night sleep -worship

    maybe not as funny in english

    anyone else enjoy them?
  2. silentjess

    silentjess Well-Known Member

    its alright actually..LOL..

    i like some of them. like, simple jokes.

    hey mods, where can we chat about Home Troopers, Links of Temptation? :(