George (Chan Hung Lit) - disappearance in drama

Discussion in 'When Heaven Burns - 天與地' started by TyJac, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. TyJac

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    Did this guy died during the filming period of this drama?

    In the drama the 'older sister' said that she sent him back to the other country...but was this due to his death in real life?

    I thought this guy was gonna resurface later on the drama, but it seems unlikely due to the death of the 'older sister'. Thought George was gonna play a role in unveiling what she done in the past. Maybe the storyline changed slightly cause of him?
  2. kevin

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    Lol now that you mention it I just remembered who this George is. He was annoying anyway.
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    ^ yeah but a very good actor....vetern..!!!

    i thought his last series was the superwoman with ada choi was the last one..??..o_O