Girls Generation - "I Got A Boy" (2013)

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  1. Jeff

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    1. I Got a Boy
    2. Dancing Queen
    3. Baby Maybe
    4. 말해봐 (Say The Words)
    5. Promise
    6. Express 999
    7. 유리아이
    8. Look at Me
    9. XYZ
    10. 낭만길 (Romantic Road)

    I Got A Boy Music Video

    Dancing Queen Music Video


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  2. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Keeping the first post "clean" so I'll double post.

    I can see why people are saying this is 2ne1 style, just a bit. Hyuna style? Nope.

    The music itself, I find it a bit weird. I have the same feeling like when I first listened to GD's One Of A Kind, in other words first impression is "what did i just listen to?". In the end, I love One Of A Kind. Anyways, I feel like there is like four or five songs, mixed into one song. I'm sure if I listen to it more, I'll like it. But first impression isn't the best, but the beat is good though. Just feel like it doesn't really flow good enough, as I thought I felt like i listened to a couple of songs within 5 minutes.

    As for the members transformation, the one I have to disagree with is Sunny. Her big change was The Boys with her short blonde hair. I quite like that hair. But in this comeback, I think she's horrible. Is "Crayon" hair colour the style these days? :p

    Music video for Dancing Queen, don't like it. Maybe is because I dont like watching them act like that, all cute and whatnot but I understand it's an old video. I read somewhere that it was Gee that replaced this song, and I could tell it the costume was similar to Gee. The music itself wise, it's ok. Makes it into my ipod, but not my car's playlist.
  3. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    The intro to I Got A Boy seems like Hyuna's Ice Cream, the "beeping noise and others". 2 Minute marks, yeah it reminds me of G-Dragon's Crayon. I too am not liking the crayon hairstyle (for her), doesn't appeal to me. 3:40 reminds me of a different song. Yeah the 4minute mark backdrop is similar to 2NE1's I am the best sort of concept. @Jeff you are saying it's like 2NE1 or maybe even Big Bang because of their punky look right?

    Overall I like this strange blend, good music.

    I am guessing Baby G (the watch shown towards the end) and Obey somehow sponsored them? That's why they are showing the brand name, which is unusual? The Nike AF1 White mids too.

    Dancing Queen, I like the way how they went back to the "past". Nice music but any idea why they delayed it until now? (Yes I read what Jeff said)
  4. EvilTofu

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    I don't see much of 2ne1, maybe a bit of f(x) style. As the beats, so many songs have similar sounds these days.

    I agree that I got a boy MV seem to have a few songs put into one but still, I like it a lot more than the recent songs from them, I love the choreography. Show me the abs... I wonder if they could had done part of the MV/dancing in a real background, it might be more interesting. WTF they do to Sunny's hair...Totally a bust on that.

    Yes, Dancing Queen has so many things that are similar to Gee which I don't really think it's a good idea.

  5. Tony

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    Title track is complete trash.
  6. I Got A Boy sounds so weird at first to me... but typical kpop. It drills to you after a few runs =P
  7. kuirei

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    i feel like this song either has people who like or strongly dislike it ..

    personally, i like it, despite the fact that its wildly different from anything they've done before

    like this style really works for some of the members, like hyoyeon, she looks amazing in this mv but for some of the others, its a bit awkward (at least that's what i think) :)
  8. sakky101

    sakky101 Well-Known Member

    The 2nd video Dancing Queen the dance routine and even the music reminds me of The Wonder Girls, I am sure they had a vid with similar moves and dance.