Ha Yu as 甘泰祖

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    (from TVB.com, translated by love_of_tvb)
    Age: 57
    Has Custody of: Ah Ka, Ah Yuen, and Ah Chun

    to make things simplier:

    He had 16 bakeries in all. He used to be Hoh Ma's husband, but then Ah Hong came into their relationship after her ex-husband left her. They had a secret relationship until he divorced Hoh Ma and married Ah Hong. He listens to everything that comes from Ah Hong's mouth.
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    he makes me angry sometimes bcos he's so chicken -____-" and oblivious
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    Ha Yu's character is somewhat similar to HoG. Both characters are controlled by woman.

    In HoG, he would listen to Lee Si Ka as the wife and Suzanna Kwan as the second wife but would also have to yield to Michelle because she controlled all of his albalone business.

    In Ga Ho Yuet Yuen (GHYY or HoG II), his bakery started with Hor Ma. Later he divorced Hor Ma due to two reasons: 1) his love affair with Ah Hong, 2) his mother's hatred towards Hor Ma. Afterwards, Ah Hong runs his bakery business and he obeys her every command.
  4. He's totally clueless to everythin
    I swear he has no opinion
    Just does what pleases his mum as priority then his wife
    Like I bet he dun even really care about his kids as much as Hor Ma
    But just wanted the kids cos his Mum wans her grandkids ><"
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    im am really pissed with this dude...... like on episode 7 he does what mum and wife tells him and starts shouting at ho mas dad i seriuosly wanna strangle him ....the fu*king b*stard.. cant wait for next ep so that sa yee can say all his bad stuf yaaaay
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    lol hes a chicken ,and loves to blow water, and brag bout himself , lol
    and hes controlled by everyone, lol hes like a Chart Hai Jai
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    As always, superb acting from Ha Yu, even though I liked the silly dad role better in HoG 1.
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    Ha Yue ( Jo Ba ) he gave me a feel of " Oi Mien " ~ Wan Face ... he kept on un admit tat he made the wrong decision on divorce wif Ho Ma and wif Hung.. and i do feel pity him when i watched episode 10 & 11.. he laughing and play around wif the kids and suddenly cry and say sorry to all kids... he actually oso pity.. but sometimes, i would feel, tis dad plus husband .. abit useless.. haiz.. but Jo Ba , always made a great on his role..

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    In episode 10, him playing around with his kid was quite entertaining imitating so many old famous singers from the 80's (I even recognize the songs and I'm 23). But once he broke down, it made the scene even better. Like typical TVB drunk scenes when someone is drunk they reveal their true feelings. He poured out his heart there and I do pity him. One mistake cost him his life's happiness.
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    In the first episode in the court room I really hated his guts, but then later on he becomes more and more like bao bao trying to be funny and making his kids laugh which made him more likable
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    It's funny when he cries
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    its so stupid imo the accident that happens.. although i guess its possible.. surely it would have been smarter to go up or down 1 level rather than going to ground floor.. i mean its common sense right lol.. where u do expect them to be going
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    well, if you noticed or not, he also lies alot
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    he's acting is quite weird and overexaggerated esp in the scene at start of episod 15 where he goes blind, I didn't know what the hell he was taking about at first I thought he was fooling around so that hong yi won;t get mad at him
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    looolz little toe pull south lmao .. did you know hes bald....... he is wearing a wig that is stuck to the scalp of his head lmao
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    yeah, his character is really ignorant and always stuck inbetween things as with his character in HoG1. .Although, I dont really like his character, i think Ha Yu himself is a really good actor.
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    Lol Bald Jo Bau cant imagine that :no:
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    i felt kinda sorry for him in episode 17
    but that's what he gets for cheating on hor ma in the first place with that evil witch!
    serves him right!
    hope he doesn't die early this time!