Happy New Year from Vancouver BC. Dog Fece neighbor give me your advice

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    Hello Everyone..

    Happy New Year. i'm from Vancouver BC.

    Just wanted to share something and maybe you can give me some advice.

    I have a neighbor that is harassing and not so nice to me.

    My neighbor is right next door to me. I park my car in front of my neighbor because infront of my house is a big tree and I always get bird droppings onto my car when I park in front of my house under the tree. My neighbor don't want anyone to park in front of his house.

    5yrs ago. the neighbor put dog shit in front of the driver entrance. Yes I step and slip when I went into my car. I no longer have that reebok shoe anymore.

    Just before the new year dec 31 2013. the neighbor called the city to give me a parking ticket. There is a sign on the street that for residence of the block parking only. This is easily disputed and cleared up with the city of vancouver.

    Two weeks ago the neighbor smear dog fece in front and back and both side of my car windows. I've reported this to the cops. got a police ticket on file. No cops came because this is unimportant to them and I didn't see or proof that the neighbor did this.

    The smart neighbor has surveillance cameras installed in front of his gate entrance to his house.

    What would you do or suggest?
  2. kevin

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    Sound like you're trolling the PA community in the wrong section.
    However, if true, I would suggest you to install your own surveillance camera and provide it to the police department as evidence of the crime (?) committed.
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    Like Kevin said, do a counter surveillance opt to catch him in the act a few times cause the cops don't give a f#ck about most of these cases cause it's a waste of their time (that's what they think). This may be a civil case as well if you got any damages from what he done to your car.

    An easier way to deal with this jerk is just don't park your car over there. Bird shit is better than dealing with what he might do in the future.