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    TVB fans out there...
    Do you guys remember watching 40 episodes Healing Hands III and then you had to face to ending that was unclear? Well, I decided to make a Healing Hnads IV.
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    Lawrence Ng: Paul
    Bowie Lam: Henry
    Moses Chan: M.C.
    Gigi Lai: Frances
    Melissa Ng: Sarah
    Bernice Liu: Betsy
    Maggie Siu: Anson
    Raymond Cho: Chris
    Claire Yiu: Grace
    Charmaine Sheh: Candy
    Kevin Cheng: Ken
    Bosco Wong: David
    Myolie Wu: Anne
    Ron Ng: Alexander
    Tavia Yeung: Citlali
    Derek Kwok: C.C.
    Joyce Tang: Coco
    Steven Ma: Steven
    Linda Chung: Linda

    Minor Characters*:
    Wayne Lai: Peter Chen
    Elaine Yiu: Mandy
    Eileen Yeow: [Nurse #1 (works in ER)] Jenny
    Vivien Yeo: [Nurse #2 (works in ER)] Kelly
    Charmaine Li: [Nurse #3 (works in ER)] Angel
    Rocky Cheng: James
    Fanny Yip: Siu Ping, Sandra
    Belinda Hamnett: Martha
    Anita Chan: JoJo
    Amy Ng: Mary
    Johnson Lee: Johnny
    Chan Hoi Yi: Emily
    Mandy Cho: Mindy
    Stephen Hyunh: Stephen
    Jason Chan: Franklin
    * More characters will be added.

    Sarah had just broken up with Henry. She felt that they were together because Henry had felt pity for her that she had uterus cancer. Betsy and M.C. were still thinking if they should be together or not. Frances and Paul went through many obstacles to be together, therefore they decided that fate had brought them together. Anson and Chris decided that they should have a child or two soon.
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    you must have a true 'love of TVB'

    you should get out of the house once and a while :p
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    are you going to continue with it?
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    i'll try to write more, but school is about to start in a few days, once i have enough time, i will write more, like on weekends or vacations if i have time...

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3 MONTHS LATER - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    A patient is rushed to the Yan Ai Hospital ER (emergency room). Henry approaches the patient.

    Henry (asking the men who had brought the patient in from the ambulance): What happened?

    One of the crew says: “He fell from the 4th floor.”

    One of the nurse pulls the curtain.

    Henry (to the patient): Hi! My name is Henry. I am one of the ER doctors at Yan Ai Hospital. What is your name?

    Peter: I am Peter… Chen.

    Henry: What happened to you? Are you okay?

    Peter: I work for the B&R Construction Worksite. I fell down from the 2nd floor while I was working. Now can I go now? No money means no food. I have a young son and wife in Mainland China waiting to come to Hong Kong.

    Henry: Of course you can’t go yet. You’re bleeding all over. Nurse, give me some alcohol and bandages.

    Jenny gives Henry the bandages and alcohol.

    Jenny: Mr. Chen, you can’t go. You must stay here for further medical exams. You are seriously injured.

    Peter: No, I must go back to work.

    Peter stops and drops back on the ER patient bed.

    Henry: Wait, his heart stopped. Nurse! Give me the “thing”.

    Jenny: 300?

    Henry: Yeah, we must save him.

    Henry rips open Peter’s blooding t-shirt.

    Jenny: 300 once.

    Henry pressed it down onto his chest.

    Henry: No reaction. 350.

    Jenny: 350 once.

    Henry pushes it on Peter’s chest.

    Henry: Peter, are you alright? Peter? Peter?

    Peter: Huh! What just happened to me?

    Jenny: Mr. Chen, you insisted of going home and then your heart stopped.

    Peter: What? What happened to me? So, am I alright?

    Henry: Now, you must stay here for further body checks and tests. The Hong Kong government will pay for your expenses. Ok? I will tell the Nurse to bring you to your ward.

    Peter: Fine, then.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In a private patient ward, M.C. comes for a daily visit.

    M.C.: Mandy, how are you today? You’ll be leaving Yan Ai soon.

    Mandy: Yep, I’ve been stuck in this small room for 10 days! I can’t wait to go back to my daddy’s mansion. By the way, I heard rumors of you and another doctor. Is that somehow true?

    M.C.: Really? Which one? From who?

    Mandy: The nurses outside were talking about you and Sarah Yip.

    M.C.: No, that was almost a year and a half ago.

    Mandy: So, who are you with now then?

    M.C.: It’s a secret.

    Betsy comes in.

    Mandy: Come on tell me.

    Mandy (to Betsy): M.C. won’t tell me who his girlfriend of now is.

    Betsy and M.C. gives each other looks.

    M.C.: Fine, I’ll tell you. My girlfriend is Betsy.

    Mandy: Oh!

    Betsy: What?

    Betsy goes out of the private ward.

    M.C.: Ok, Mandy have some rest. I’ll see you tomorrow.

    M.C. catches up with Betsy.

    M.C.: What’s wrong Betsy?

    Betsy (smirks): Who ever said that I was your girlfriend?

    M.C.: What? I thought you were.

    Betsy: The problem is that I don’t want other people to know yet. Why can’t you just keep it as a secret?

    M.C.: Why should there be a secret? We went through so many stages to be together.

    Betsy: Yeah, but I’m just not ready to tell the whole world yet.

    M.C.: Fine, then give me a time when I can tell the whole world.

    Betsy: Give me one more month of time and I’ll be ready. We can have a party then announcing our relationship.

    M.C.: Fine, whatever you say.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2 WEEKS LATER - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    M.C. and Betsy go out to dinner at a high-class restaurant. M.C. felt that Betsy was the right person to be his wife. He prepares a wedding proposal beforehand. At the restaurant, he asks a musician to play for them. He buys Betsy a 3.5 carat diamond ring, asks the chef to make them a heart shaped cake and prepares fresh flowers to make the proposal successful.

    Betsy and M.C. holding hands walk into the restaurant. The employees at the restaurant smiles sweetly at both of them. Betsy is wearing a black evening gown, and Moses is wearing his tuxedo.

    M.C. slides the chair for Betsy to sit in.

    M.C.: What would you like to eat today?

    Betsy: Why are we even eating here? I would want to know the answer to that!

    A waiter comes to take their order.

    Waiter: Hello. Good evening. What would you guys like tonight?

    M.C.: What are the specials?

    Waiter: Well, there is the fried steak and the fried fillets and today’s soup is Clam Chowder.

    M.C.: We’ll take those please.

    Their dinner comes along smoothly and was almost coming to an end. M.C. gives the employees a signal, a wink. Almost out of nowhere, a violinist comes out and plays a romantic love song. The chef of the restaurant brings out the heart shaped cake. The waiter brings M.C. his fresh flowers. M.C. is kneeling on the floor with his knees.

    M.C. (to Betsy): Betsy, will you marry me?

    Betsy stares at him and the employees thinking that this was a kind of planned plot for her to marry M.C. She doesn’t know what to say. She thinks for 2 minutes. All the people at the restaurant eating were silent. M.C. waits in patience for the answer he wants to hear, but so far there was no noise.
    Then, the customers in the restaurant all gets up.

    Customers: Marry him. Marry him. Marry him. Marry him…

    Betsy puts her head down

    Betsy: Sorry. M.C., I know that you like me and I like you too, but I’m not ready for marriage and kids yet. Maybe next time.

    M.C. is blushed and says that it is ok. He goes to the bathroom to cry. He too, wondered why. He had never cried for a girl before in his life. That meant that Betsy had a special place in his heart. M.C. leaves the restaurant and to a surprise Paul and Henry were right across the street.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Paul and Henry spot M.C. They go over to him.

    Henry: Why are you so depressed, eh?

    M.C. is quiet.

    Paul: Hey, if he doesn’t want to tell us, we shouldn’t make him.

    Henry: But, I thought we were brothers. Let me take a wild guess; Betsy?

    M.C. originally had his head down, but when he heard ‘Betsy,’ his head went up.

    Henry: Ay, young people these days…

    Paul: He is not young. We are about the same age.

    Henry: Fine. Fine. So, if we don’t talk about M.C. and Betsy, let’s talk about you and Frances.

    Paul: We have nothing for you to talk about. As of now, we are still in the stage of dating. We’re planning to go to Hawaii soon. The views are beautiful there. It’s perfect for Frances to photograph.

    Henry: Any chance that you will be a ‘lo chan’ soon?

    Paul: Why do you hate getting married? What’s wrong with you? How are things for you and Sarah?

    Henry: Well, only that you ask me I will tell you. Sarah and I are staying as friends now. I don’t really feel a rush or a need to ‘chase’ her again now since she is very worried about her cancer already. And besides, there are rumors of her and a man named James I believe.

    Paul and Henry both look at M.C. He had sat there with his head down. The more he didn’t want to say, the more Henry wanted to know what was going on with him and Betsy. Kind of ignoring M.C., Paul and Henry carried on their conversation about relationships and rumors.

    Paul: Yeah, but you said it; rumors, they might not be real.

    Henry: Well, I believe in fate, so if her uterus cancer improves, I will think of ‘chasing’ her. You know, just let it go the way it will.

    M.C.: I think it’s time for me to leave. Martha is coming tomorrow morning, and I promised her that I will pick her up at the airport.

    Henry: Excuse me, isn’t that your ex-wife?

    M.C.: So, we are still friends. We don’t have anything together.

    Paul: Do you want me to drive you home?

    M.C.: No. No. You two can continue.

    Henry: In that case, bye bye.

    Paul: Bye. See you tomorrow.

    M.C. left the After Five bar. Paul and Henry carried on their conversation. After one more hour, they left and went back home.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    umm.. why can't you just put your posts all together by just editing your initial post and continue adding bits and pieces of the story that way? spam.

    but as for the story, like it so far. seems to match their characters. but then again, haven't watched any of the healing hands series since years ago so i don't really remember that much about the storyline or the characters. maybe you can be a playwright someday. hehe.
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    well, to be honest, i'm just doing this on my freetime and to satisfy myself of what can possibly happen in the storyline/plot. oh, if you want to remember about it, i guess you can search it up online and then either watch it or download it?
    P.S. Like i said school will be starting in 3 days :( summer vacation is drifting away, so maybe 2 or 3 episodes, per month only... SORRY!:(
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    well,it is a good thing that love_of_tvb posting these,its fun to read
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    wowee my first thanx,whoever thanked me, THANK YOU!!!!
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    Henry and some of the ER nurses take a break at the Panaroma.

    Henry: Wow! Today is the annual meeting for the new coming doctors and nurses.

    Paul: I’ve heard that there’s going to be five new doctors and five new nurses…

    M.C.: That means that ‘Yan Ai’ will be filled with many doctors and nurses.

    Henry: Correction, they are training to be doctors and nurses, it doesn’t mean that they will definitely be. Well, maybe I can find myself a new girlfriend. Don’t you guys think so?

    Paul (trying to make a joke): Henry, the newcomers are not right for you. They are young ladies and gentlemen, but you are a middle-aged man.

    Paul and M.C. chuckles.
    M.C.: Okay, you two middle-aged men, don’t you think it’s time for us to stop. The new trainees can come in any minute.

    Henry: Not bad, two trainee nurses that are male and three trainee nurses that are female.

    M.C.: Well and then three trainee doctors that are male and two trainee doctors that are female. Compared to last year, this is a very big ratio difference.

    Paul: Yeah, last year was like 5 female nurses and 5 male doctors.

    M.C.: Well, at least half of them made it through the whole process.

    Henry: Well, let’s hope all of them make it through this training.

    All the trainees come in. They all glance around the room, because the place is new to them.

    M.C., Henry, and Paul each give a very short speech; to welcome them. Then they introduce themselves.

    First, the females introduce themselves.

    Candy: Hi, I am Candy Liu. I have two siblings. The oldest inspired me to become a nurse, therefore that’s the reason why I am here. My younger sibling is David. Since we come from a family history of doctors and nurses, everyone wants to become one of them to fit in the family. You can call me “Can” for short.

    Anne: Hello everyone. My name is spelled A-N-N-E, but it is actually pronounced as Ann, so you guys can call me Ann Chui. I have two older brothers; Ken and Alexander. I’m lucky and happy that they are in the same class as me!

    Mary: Well, my name is Mary Liang, and I have no siblings. My parents are in France, but I was rescued here once, so I wanted to come here to be trained to become a doctor hopefully and help more patients. Also, my friends call me “Ah Ree,” so I preferred being called that.

    Citlali: Hi! I’m Citlali Kong Sanchez. I was born to a Spanish father and a Chinese mother, so I have a Spanish name. If you want, you can call me “Lali.”

    Emily: My name is Emily Li, and I’m training to become a nurse. Like the others before, I also have a nickname; my family and friends call me “Em.” I have always wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl, so I hope I succeed.

    Paul: Well, since the ladies have introduced themselves, the gentlemen will introduce themselves, and then Henry, M.C., and I will also introduce ourselves.

    C.C.: My name is very straight forward, so I basically have no nicknames. It’s C.C. Wu. I want to become an ER doctor, because I would like to save lives everyday in a society like Hong Kong. And, it’s a pleasure meeting everyone.

    Alexander: “Xander” will do, if Alexander Chui is too long to say. I have two siblings; Anne and Ken. I came from a family of doctors and nurses, so that’s why we decided too tryout at ‘Yan Ai.’

    Johnny: Please call me John Hui. My parents wanted me to become a doctor, but I would rather be a nurse. I could treat everyone to dinner tonight!

    Ken: Bonjour! Ken Chui is my name. I recently came back from France from vacation. I have two siblings in total; Anne and Xander. Like, they said before, our parents and uncles and aunts have inspired us to become doctors and nurses. Unlike them however, I’m aiming to become a doctor, not a nurse.

    David: Well, it seems that I’m the last one. My name is David Liu, but I like being called “Dave” instead. Candy is my second older sister. The eldest is a doctor in N.Y.

    Henry: Since they have all introduced themselves, I guess it’s time for us to introduce ourselves. My name is Henry and I’m head of the ER department.

    Paul: I’m Paul, and I’m the head of neurooncology (the brain) department.

    M.C.: Hello, I’m the head of the cardiology (the heart) department, and I’m the newest head here I guess.

    The conference room door opens. One of the nurses Kelly comes in.

    Kelly: Henry, Sarah just came in as she was involved in a car crash and she is in a coma now.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    can you do * A Kindred Spirit 真情* next ? :D
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    sorry, but i never watched that...
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    this means frances has to die now since all of pauls girlfriends die :>
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    not really, i haven't thought up of all the storyline now. when i have time, i will try to write more. if you want to read about BERMO (bernice and moses) and BOSCOLIE (bosco and myolie) you can read about them, check them out in the fanfix section.
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    first a boscolie one or whatever you called it and now a healing hands iv?
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    actually this was first, dumbo. and if you dont like it, then dont read it!
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    hey thanks for the updates on HH IV. do you know when will this series be release or filmed? good description on each episodes. good job.
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    sorry to tell you but i dont think that tvb plans on filming a part 4 for healing hands since melissa ng gave birth recently. (maybe thry just dont think that there is a need to film a part 4.) and this is fanfix, so i made all the episodes up, but as you can see, i have been busy. i had wrote epi. 1-5 during the summer break, and i dont really feel like writing it these past few months. if you want to read my other fanfic, it's called BERMO and BOSCOLIE [Bernice x Moses] + [Bosco x Myolie]=the two best couple to date.
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    omg, you're obsessed
    but i'd like another healing hands also....just not make one up by my own
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    COOL....Sarah in coma...hmmm....cant wait for the next episode :)